Spoiler Warnings: Why Do The Annihilators Come To Earth In Annihilators: Earthfall #1?

So what could possibly bring a team consisting of some of the most powerful cosmic characters Marvel has to offer to Earth? Well, aside from the big superhero confusion fight (that’s next issue), Abnett and Lanning use one of their Guardians of the Galaxy plot lines as a reason.

The Universal Church of Truth is the source of all of it, as believers are giving themselves up to power those in charge, and full planets are dieing. Cosmo manages to pick up off of one of their leaders that there is a group on Earth, and so our cosmic badasses comes looking to take them down. After all, they know what they’re doing, they’re in the right.

Well, at least until the evil aliens put on their disguises and the Avengers see a bunch of aliens and Quasar attacking humans. And when one group has Ronan and Gladiator, and the other has Thing and Wolverine? All that’s missing is Thor throwing his hammer at Beta Ray Bill!

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