WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Results and Report (John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton)

Let’s take a look at the card –

1. John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk *Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship
2. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton *Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship
3. Sheamus vs. Christian
4. Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara
5. Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix *Divas Championship

The usual quality video package opens the show, on par with the high level of video package quality the WWE has set over the years.

Live from New Orleans, it’s the third annual Hell in a Cell! Michael Cole, Jim Ross, and Booker T are your hosts. Four championships will be on the line. Follow the show on Twitter using @WWE and #HIAC.

Before the first match can begin, the Miz and R-Truth are shown to their seats, since they bought tickets to the event. John Laurinaitis comes out and makes security escort them out. A fan with an ROH shirt is spotted in the crowd.

MATCH #1: Christian vs. Sheamus

The match starts with a feeling out process featuring a lot of Sheamus displaying his power. Every time Christian starts to get over, Sheamus turns it right back around until finally Christian pushes Sheamus off the top rope to the outside. Christian throws a lot of punches; he punches like a girl. After Christian stays on top for a while, Sheamus fights back to mount a decent comeback that ends in a powerslam for a two count. Christian went for a flying nothing off the second rope that Sheamus countered into the Irish Curse. Nearfall for Christian after a well placed seesaw kick in the corner. Sheamus does a pull-up sitting in the corner all the way to the top rope to get into his flying tackle off the top. NICE NICE. Crowd is starting to really come up. After some back and forth, Christian hits a spear on the outside for a false count out finish. Spear back in the ring for another long two count. Is that a Colt Cabana shirt in the front row? After a quick series of reversals, Sheamus hits the Brogue (BRO!) Kick on Christian for the win.

WINNER – Sheamus (***) Nice opener from two professionals. Christian looks sneaky and diabolical. Sheamus looks powerful and strong on the finish. I would guess this means Sheamus is being built to work with Mark Henry next.

Backstage to a handsome and well-spoken Matt Striker interviewing a very wet (sweaty?) Mark Henry. Henry cuts a quick promo for his HITC match with Orton.

MATCH #2: Sin Cara (Blue) vs. Sin Cara (Black)

The crowd isn’t too hyped for this one, but I am. Both Sin Caras’ matches have been hit and miss. In the first couple minutes we see some nice back and forth Lucha spots. Sin Cara hits a tope’ con hilo. Goes to follow up with a moonsault to a laying Sin Cara Black on the outside, but Sin Cara Black puts the feet up. Good concept, so-so execution; we don’t even get a replay on it. A couple more attempted cool spots that are again, good in theory but aren’t quite spot on. Sin Cara Black still on top for the past few minutes. Crowd seems a bit restless. The crowd is chanting “Boring” going into Sin Cara’s comeback. Big dive to the outside brings the people back. Sin Cara Black hits a powerbomb back in the ring for the first real false finish of the match. BIG top rope arm drag by Sin Cara, but little reaction. Sin Cara is back on top, and after a Code-Red variation, Sin Cara wins.

WINNER- Sin Cara (Blue) (* ½) Unlike the first match, these two did not come off as professionals. Some good spots, but some stuff that just did not come off on point. If I’m the man in charge, I wouldn’t know exactly what to do with Sin Cara now. It’s been too hit and miss.

MATCH #3: WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

Out comes Air Boom, the hot young babyface tag champs. Vickie Guerrero gets hotter every day and announces Jack and Dolph to the catchy tune of “I AM PERFECTION!” Hot opening spot with Kofi and Jack. A couple of innovative double team moves by Evan and Kofi. They’ve got matching gear and double team moves; they’re actually trying to be a tag team. I love it. In fact, I like all four of these young WWE lions. Heels take over on Evan for a couple minutes until he makes a big tag to Kofi. Kofi comes charging into the ring but immediate cut off on Kofi by Swagger pulling the rope apart when Kofi tried to hit the ropes. Awesome. Dolph and Jack are getting some good heat on Kofi. Crowd starts a “Let’s go Kofi!” chant and Kofi fights to make the hot tag at the perfect time. Explosive comeback by Evan Bourne filled with kicked, head scissors, and ending in a top rope double knees to Dolph. Big standing moonsault for another two. Jack with ankle lock on Evan. Kofi makes the save. Zig Zag on Kofi. Small package on Dolph by Evan which referee doesn’t see. It’s a melee! Swagger tries a top rope powerbomb on Evan Bourne who reverses it into a rana for the finish.

WINNER- Air Boom (*** ½) Brilliant performance by these four young Superstars. Air Boom is really starting to mesh as a team. They’ve been given the ball, and now they’re running. Great job by all 6 people in the match, including Vickie Guerrero and Mike Chioda. I hope the powers that be stay behind all of these guys. I’d love to see a rematch.

MATCH #4: Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship – Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

Henry has been the champion since 9.18.11 and this is his second defense. Orton attacks right away to try and take the champion off-guard. He controls for a couple of minutes before Henry cuts him off and start working the arm and shoulder. Henry uses the steel ring posts and the cage to his advantage. When Orton tries to fight back Orton is able to thwart him and stay in control. Henry tries to throw the steps but thankfully Orton moves out of the way. Back in the ring Henry hits a big splash for a two-count. Henry hits a backbreaker. He uses a bearhug and continually cuts off Orton’s comeback attempts. They go back to the floor and Henry goes for the World’s Strongest Slam but Orton jumps off onto the cage and this a DDT on the steel steps. Back in the ring Orton hits a flurry of offense, including the rope-assisted DDT. Orton then hits the RKO but Henry kicks out at two! He goes for the Punt Kick but Henry avoids it and hits the World’s Strongest Slam to get another clean pin!

After the match, Henry hits another World’s Strongest Slam and grabs a steel chair. He goes to crush Orton’s ankle but the Viper avoids it and picks up the chair. Orton assaults Henry with the chair all the way up the aisle.

WINNER – Mark Henry (***¼) That was another solid match from the surprising World Champion. The crowd was into this and Henry went over huge, which I think is the right call to make. Now he can move on to Sheamus and Orton can do something besides challenge for the Title.

Backstage Josh Mathews gets a word with Alberto Del Rio. He promises to win back the WWE Championship.

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes comes out to the ring for a promo. He mocks the audience and then says it’s time to put this Intercontinental Championship belt to bed, and he unveils the old-school Intercontinental Title! He talks about the history of the title and then gets interrupted by Johnny Ace. He says that Rhodes will defend the title tonight, and Right Now!

MATCH #5: Intercontinental Title Match – Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison

Rhodes is wrestling in his street clothes, and Cole tries to sell this as the first time anyone has ever wrestled in street clothes. Cole’s commentary is atrocious here. Morrison dominates the champion, and with good reason since the champion was caught unawares. Rhodes tries to get himself counted out but Morrison won’t allow that. When they get back in the ring, Rhodes takes control and works Morrison over. Rhodes uses the Figure-Four Leglock and Morrison has to reach the ropes. Morrison makes the fiery babyface comeback. He goes for Starship Pain but Rhodes avoids it. Moments later Rhode catches a quick rollup and gets the pin to retain the title.

WINNER – Cody Rhodes (*¾) That was just awkward and not very good. I don’t see how Morrison ever earned a title shot or what the point of that match was other than getting over that Rhodes will defend the title anytime any place.

Elsewhere Triple H is backstage yelling at Laurinaitis about making matches. Miz and R-Truth are spotted backstage beating Kingston and Bourne down. Triple H says next time this happens it will be Laurinaitis’s ass.

MATCH #6: Divas Championship Match – Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

Beth out with Natalya both wearing mini Road Warrior spiked shoulder pads. Kelly out with Eve. This is their third PPV encounter in a row. A few seconds into the match, and Kelly Kelly has already run the ropes awkwardly. Kelly gets over in the early going, but Beth stops her by countering the helicopter head scissors into a back breaker. #pinupstrong Beth is physically dominating and humiliating Kelly Kelly. After a few minutes of heat, Kelly makes a comeback that the crowd doesn’t quite get behind. Natalya and Eve have an altercation on the outside after a false finish by Kelly. Beth is back on top with an Indiana Deathlock/surf board combo, as Natalya grabs the mic. She nails Kelly with the microphone. Beth hits the Glizam Slizam, and we have a new Divas Champion that knows how to run the ropes.

WINNER-Beth Phoenix (**) Solid Divas match. I’m glad they pulled the trigger with Beth as champion.

MATCH #7: WWE Championship Match – John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

This is the main event, the first ever triple threat Hell In The Cell match, the big match that they’ve been building to for the better part of two weeks. Del Rio is out first, and the people are chanting “C M Punk!” The crowd is alive for this match, cheering for Punk when he beats up Del Rio and booing Cena when he does the same. After some counters, Punk hits a car wreck dive onto the other two men while Cena has Del Rio up for the Attitude Adjustment on the floor. Men chanting “C M Punk!” or maybe “Cena sucks!” or maybe a little bit of both, while the higher pitch chant of “Let’s go Cena!” rings out through the crowd. Del Rio blind sides Punk pushing him off the ring steps into the cage. Now it’s just Alberto and John in the ring with Del Rio on top for a couple minutes until Cena blows out his typical comeback. Punk returns as Cena goes for the AA. Punk’s back is bleeding; better cut away. Punk sets up a table on the floor. Del Rio gives Cena a brutal-looking belly to back suplex on a set up chair in the ring. Cena out of the ring, Punk back in. Punk gets over on Del Rio with a Russian leg sweep then a falcon’s arrow variation. Alberto clotheslines Punk, puts him in a headlock, but Cena comes off the top rope with a leg drop onto both men standing. Nice NICE! Cena and Punk exchange shots with the crowd’s “Boo!” and “Yay!”s respectively. Alberto in with a chair and cleans house. He stacks both men and hits a slightly miss-placed senton off the top. This match is really picking up steam with these three professionals. While Alberto is momentarily out of place, Cena hits the AA on Punk! Two count only when Del Rio comes back to break it up. Del Rio with a cross arm breaker on Cena but Punk breaks it up with a sling shot flipping senton. Punk with the GTS on Cena! But Alberto pulls Punk off at two. Jim Ross points out that Del Rio is the Alpha Male of this match, which is a great call by the only commentator on this three-man team of Ross, Cole and Booker that really seems to know how to put a story in a match over. Punk comes back on Del Rio and hits the big Savage elbow on him for a nearfall. Cena hits his comeback on Punker, but Punk counters the five knuckle shuffle. Punk goes for the elbow off the top again, but Del Rio shoves him off the top and through thetable! STF on Del Rio from Cena! Ricardo Rodriguez gets the key from the referee, gets into the cage and makes the save! Cena gives the AA on RR on the outside. But Del Rio hits Cena with a pipe then re-locks the door with Cena on the outside. Looks like it may be down to just Alberto and CM Punk who is still hurt from the table bump. A few false finishes for Alberto including a very believable top rope enziguiri. Punk makes a hot comeback while Cena starts to realize on the outside that he’s locked out, trying to pry open the door. Del Rio nails Punk with the pipe and taunts Cena on the outside. A second pipe shot on Punk, then a third right to the skull gets Del Rio the win and the WWE title!

WINNER- Alberto Del Rio (****) That was an awesome main event with some really cool cell spots and an awesome finish, particularly with the visual of Del Rio taunting Cena from inside the cage. Great stuff here.

Miz and Truth jump the guard rail as the cage is lifted. They beat up everybody and the cage is back lowered. Everybody is locked out. The entire locker room is out there trying to get into the cage. HHH is losing his mind. Truth punches a camera man. Miz and Truth are laying waste to everybody. Finally the cops come out with the bolt cutters. The cops get into the ring while Truth and Miz put their hands over their heads and surrender. Awesome ending. None of the Superstars can get their hands on Miz and Truth as they’re in police custody… until HHH beats them up and is pulled away by officials. Is HHH going to get fired for that? What will happen to Miz and Truth? Absolutely love all of this.

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