10 Thoughts on Smackdown 09.30.2011: Christian v. Randy Orton, Sheamus v. Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry

Welcome to another 10 Thoughts on Smackdown! Sorry I didn’t give you all any feedback last week, I was out of town. But now I’m back to give some insight into the send-home show from the Blue Crew before the seemingly rushed Hell in a Cell, so…here…we…go!!!

1.I never thought I’d see the day where Mark Henry is a major champion, AND he’s watchable in an interview! If they hotshot the title back to Orton this quickly at Hell in a Cell, I think it will be a mistake. Henry has the potential to be a dominant heel champion the likes of which we haven’t seen in years.

2. Is it just me, or did the Great Khali get more offense in this one match with Henry than he has in his entire stint in WWE?? I know they’re trying to make Henry look stronger than he already is, but seriously?

3. I like the chemistry between Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Part of me hopes they don’t do the obvious and turn Ziggler, because a good heel team is desperately needed on Smackdown. Vickie is a heat magnet, as has been established, and I think this could be a good little alliance they have going. Am I the only one who thinks this could have Heenan Family potential if they expand on it further?

4. Good thing they shortened the Slater/Sin Cara match, given that they’d botched a really bad one a few weeks ago. I’m still looking for someone to tell me how badly it was botched. Again, Slater looks like a JTTS, and they set up Sin Cara v. Sin Cara for Hell in a Cell. I didn’t understand half that promo, and I can’t tell anymore which one is Mistico, and which is Hunico. I THINK it was Mistico in the ring on Friday, but I don’t know for sure…

5. I swear, if Kelly Kelly WINS at Hell in a Cell, I will personally riot on the Murray State campus! Her constant “fluke” pins against both Natalya and Beth Phoenix make both of the “Divas of Doom” look dumb if they can’t counter a cradle! I did like how Natalya tied up Kelly and made her squeal…that was good. It did weaken Kelly a little bit, but that’s what was NEEDED. Yes, Kelly is improving somewhat, but she still looks stiff out there. Please, take the belt off of her!!

6.Showing the same clip twice to illustrate how the Intercontinental title match was set up really wasn’t necessary, but it still made for a good match between Cody Rhodes and Sheamus. My only gripe was the run in from Christian. It’s almost like creative isn’t even trying to come up with something fresh for the Christian/Sheamus feud, almost like they just stuck them together for a PPV pay day.

7. So most of the heels are looking to get HHH fired…big surprise there. Using David Otunga as something more than “A-List” is smart, however. I’m glad to see the old members of the Nexus are all being used in some capacity.

8. I like that Zack Ryder’s getting more in-ring action, but against JTG? Are you serious, bro? Seriously though, it shows that the WWE is somewhat listening to the fans, but now it’s almost like now that we have him on camera, what is there to wish for now? That’s how I think fans are reacting to him…let him be more creative on camera, and don’t make him look like a TOTAL chump. Who knows, we might have something on our hands here?

9. Christian/Randy Orton…how many times have we seen this song and dance? I’ve said before that the two have excellent chemistry, but to put them against one another this close to the PPV is very likely to hurt one of them going into the match. So, what’s the logical decision? NO decision. The RKO at the end on Mark Henry served to refute what Henry had said in his opening interview, obviously…smart booking on that one.

10. Joe’s Food For Thought: As we approach Hell in a Cell, does anyone remember what the original purpose of the Cell was? To keep wrestlers from escaping, or anyone from interfering. Of course, anyone who saw the first one (Shawn Michaels/Undertaker, Badd Blood 1997) knows neither one happened, but at the time, it was to settle a grudge between Michaels and Undertaker. My question for this week: has the gimmick match been devalued? I mean as in Hell in a Cell, TLC, Money in the Bank…even the simplistic cage match. Does it serve a purpose anymore, or has WWE turned it into a cheap way to draw in viewers? Hmmmm…

11. Bonus Thought: Remember what I said about WWE feeling Daniel Bryan didn’t need momentum because of the briefcase? Where was he this week?

Given how close Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell were booked together, one couldn’t expect much buildup, and I think it’s going to hurt this PPV. It surely hurt this week’s show, as it seemed rushed and thrown together. My picks for the PPV, and short synopses regarding each match:

Alberto Del Rio/John Cena/CM Punk: Cena-They seem hellbent on making him Super Cena and keeping the title on him…they can do both in the Cell.

Randy Orton/Mark Henry- Henry. Orton looks to be primed to work a program with Cody Rhodes, and making him a star. Meanwhile, Henry can fight with Sheamus again, and give Blair some more nightmares.

Beth Phoenix/Kelly Kelly- Beth. If it doesn’t happen here, it’s NOT going to happen.

Sin Cara/Sin Cara- Sin Cara. Doesn’t matter which one…but I’d say Hunico wins this one. It really depends on fan reaction.

Christian/Sheamus- Christian. He’s been made to look like a real coward here, and I see him winning by shenanigans of some sort.

Air Boom/Ziggler and Swagger- Air Boom. It will further the story with Ziggler and Swagger, and Ziggler doesn’t need two titles to be over, last guy to do that was the Miz, and he got “fired”…or did he…? The plot thickens…

That’s all from me this week, hope everyone enjoys Hell in a Cell (or tries to, anyway)!

Until next time…

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