Community Episode 3-2 Review: Geography of Global Conflict

“Geography of Global Conflict” falls in the category of too weird, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Community has had plenty of weird episodes in the past, but they always came together in the end for something meaningful between the characters. In this week’s episode, however, things go crazy and never come back down to earth (or Earth-2).

The A-plot is a Model UN-off with Annie versus Annie Kim, and there’s plenty of cartoonish behavior to pass around. There’s the floating head montage with Garrett yelling “Crisis alert!” among other nonsensical comments, Jeff constantly calling Annie “kiddo,” then Annie and Jeff’s semi-creepy conversation. I could buy the Model UN, but Jeff didn’t feel like Jeff at times.

The B-plot is even more bizarre, featuring new security guard Chang and renewed protester Britta. Chang needs a lawbreaker to handle and Britta needs to be oppressed, so it’s a perfect match, initiating the same romantic song each time. The writers poke fun at this idea of people needing each other, but it is limited by the satirical nature of the plot. Anyway, Chang was a riot while Britta was predictably annoying in activist mode.

Score: 8.3/10