Parks and Recreation Episode 4-2 Review: Ron & Tammys

Any plot revolving around Ron Swanson is bound to be good, and it’s no exception in “Ron & Tammys.” It actually goes beyond the usual Ron being awesome plot, kicking him down a notch–losing his mustache and manhood to the creature from Hell, his first ex-wife Tammy One. Played by Patricia Clarkson, she’s one cold bitch and has this ability to command people. The episode has tons of laughs, from the way the others react to Tammy One to Ron’s new look and demeanor. And lastly, we get to see Tammy Zero, Ron’s mother, who is also cut from the same cloth. It culminates in a glorious final scene where Tammy Zero, Tammy One, and Leslie face off to decide Ron’s fate, competing to drink Swanson home brew alcohol. Amy Poehler does some hilarious faces and then Ron saves the day after returning to normal.

The other plots mostly fills in the blanks, but the stuff with Chris and Ann was a little unnecessary. While Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are great, it just stood still with Chris repeating the PSA over and over while Ann wondered over and over why she dated him. We get to see what’s been going on at Entertainment 720, and if you the way Tom described it sounded sketchy, then you were definitely right. They aren’t making any money at all and throwing it all away on useless things. I have no clue how they got so much capital in a place like Pawnee, but Tom finally realizes the truth and maybe we’ll see the company do something tangible.

Score: 9.4/10


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