Pulse Wrestling’s LIVE WWE Monday Night Raw Report 10.3.11

Welcome to the Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Report. I am your host Johnny Rosado. With Hell In A Cell now behind us and Alberto Del Rio once again becoming the WWE Champion who will become the #1 contender? Also what will be the fall out after R-Truth and The Miz showed up at The pay per view?

Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre

The match started with both men in the corner. Orton took control with a European uppercut adn a series of strikes. Orton and McIntyre spilled to the outside floor. Orton throw him into the barricade. Afterwards they made their way back into the ring. Drew got some offense but not for long. McIntyre rebounded and regained control of the match until Orton took back control. Orton countered Drew and hit a series of strikes and a body slam. After hitting the DDT from the ropes Orton set up for the RKO and hit it on Drew. Orton pinned Drew and got the win. After the match Orton hit Drew with another RKO. Mark Henry made his way to the ring. Orton was not pleased. Orton attacked Henry after Henry was flaunting that he still was the champion. They brawled for a while and security tried to break the two up but they both continued to attack each other.

Rosado’s Run In: Good opener that showed that Orton is still a contender for the World Heavyweight Title. I wish they would give Drew a push. He has a lot of skill in the ring and I would love to see him join Vickie Guerreros Faction

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They showed a video package of Mark Henry’s “Hall of Pain” and all it’s victims

Mark Henry Vs John Morrsion

Henry took control early but Morrison reversed Henry’s finsher attempt and hit a few kicks and Starship pain. Henry kicked out and than hit The Worlds Strongest slam for the win. Henry cut a promo and mentioned Big Shows return to Smackdown this Friday.

Del Rio, Rhodes, Christian, Ziggler, Swagger, Vickie Gurrero and Otunga were shown backstage with John Laurinaitis. They threatened a lawsuit and complained about how Triple H is running the company. Laurinaitis stated that R-Truth and Miz filed a lawsuit against Triple H

Rosado’s Run In: Why must they continue to bury Morrison?

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Del Rio, Rhodes, Christian, Ziggler, Swagger, Vickie Gurrero and Otunga were in the ring. They all complained about how they hate how Triple H is running the WWE. Triple H came to the ring. Hunter asked “What happended to The WWE?” He said that WWE used to be about Men figthing when they had an issue with each other. He said he can’t wait for the anit Triple H group to fight John Cena, Air Boom, Cm Punk, Mason Ryan and Sheamus.

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A clip of Beth Phoenix winning the WWE Divas title at Hell In A Cell

Kelly Kelly & Eve vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart

The Divas went to the outside. Kelly attacked Beth and slammed Beth’s head into the announce table. She kept screaming at Beth. The match was ended. Kelly’s matchwas over fast. AWESOME.

Triple H and John Laurinaitis. John said Hunter needs to ask the talent if they like the job he is doing. Hunter told John that either John is undermining everything he asks of him or he is too stupid to follow orders either way he ordered all superstarts to the ring and he told John to make sure he is there too.

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They showed a Fast Five Trailer.

 Jinder Mahal Vs Santino

Santino got all the offensive and hot the Cobra for the win.

Rosado’s Run In: I hate 5 second squash matches. No need for them if you ask me

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A Brodus Clay video was shown for his return after this a Hell In A Cell Video was shown. They showed Miz and R-Truth attacking John Cena, Punk and Del Rio. Miz and Truth Apologized for their actions at Hell In a Cell in a youtube video.

Cm Punk, John Cena, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus & Mason Ryan vs Otunga, Rhodes, Ziggler, Swagger, Christian & Del Rio

Cena and Christian started the match. Super Cena got all the offense. Ziggler got the tag and Cena also tagged in Mason Ryan. Ryan hot a few slams on Ziggler. Sheamus and Swagger battled. Sheamus dominated. Cm Punk and Rhodes got the tags. Rhodes got the better of Punk until Punk hot the running knee/ Running bulldog combo. Kofi Kingston got the tag and Rhodes had control the whole time. Del Rio got the tag and took control. He than tagged in Christian. Christian continued to control Kofi. Swagger came in the ring and beat on Kofi. The heel team continued to isolate Kofi. Kofi tried to make the tag but Christian stopped him. Swagger got the tag. Kofi continues to get beat down. Kofi fianlly got the tag. Evan Bourne got the tag. He hit a knee and a few strikes on Swagger. Bourne went for the pinfall but Vickie put Swaggers foot on the rope. The ref ejected vickie from ring side. Del Rio took the advantage until Bourne hit a tornado DDT. Bourne got the tag. Vena came into the match. Swagger had a flurry of offense on Cena Swagger missed the Swagger bomb. Cena tagged in Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior dominated until Ziggler hot a kick drop to the head. The two teams continued to hit moves on each other until Sheamus got the pin on Otunga.

Rosado’s Run In: What a cluster. Good action but I a, not a fan of 12 man tags

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The Entire WWE locker room made their way to the ring. Hunter said that the superstars have their chance to let him know how they feel how him. Hunter also said that he is sick of Miz and R-Truth. About their complaining. He said that he is old school and he likes to see people beat the hell out of each other. Hunter said people can speak now. Wade Barrett, Christian, Beth Phoenix, Mike Chioda and Jerry Lawler said that they have no confidence in Triple H. All the superstars including camera men, Announcers and Refs walked out on Triple H. The show ended Hunter alone in the middle of the ring.

Rosado’s Run In: WOW. So everyone walks out on Hunter and for what? Mark Henry attacked Jerry Lawler and Lawler even admitted that it wasn’t his fault and he still walked out on Hunter. Miz and Truth attacked refs, Cm Punk, John Cena and Del Rio and it’s Hunters fault??? Right. Ugh WWE this better pay off big time.






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