10 Thoughts On… South Park Episode 15-8: Ass Burgers

South Park is back with another half season of 7 episodes! Here we go with the first one…

1. We’re back with the continuation of the cynical episode that ended last half-season – the images of everything spewing shit is still amazingly funny.

2. The episode veers into a commentary on Asperger’s Syndrome, with Stan diagnosed with the disorder. Cartman hears it as “ass burgers” and devises a plan to make burgers and put them in his pants to be diagnosed with the disease too.

3. Kyle “embraces” positivity in his future life, running into Cartman, who had his hands full of the burgers he was storing in his pants. Kyle eats it and loves it, and offers it to another girl who also eats it. Kyle thinks Cartman can make money off them and compliments the recipe. Cartman is amused.

4. Cartman sets up a burger stand in his front yard (kinda like a lemonade stand). Kyle and Butters are working with him as fry cooks.

5. He has a large cardboard box with his “flavor enhancer” that he won’t let the others in. He is clearly wiping the burgers on his ass in the box which is just waiting to be exposed. The reveal ends up being an anticlimactic part of the end montage.

6. Stan is put into therapy for his Asperger’s, but it turns insane when all the patients are instead part of some kind of Matrix-like squad of assassins. They feed him alcohol and he goes back to enjoying life while drunk.

7. Drunken Stan confronts Kyle and acts pretty funnily drunk, although not as funny as it probably could have been.

8. Cartman Burger has gotten so large that all the local fast food have a secret consortium meeting to combat him. Stan, drunk, crashes the meeting and shoots it up. The episode seemed totally off the rails at this point.

9. There is a gun-powered showdown where the Asperger’s Matrix crew shoots and kills all the fast food moguls, ending with Stan concluding he was ready for new stories and a new chapter. That would have been so awesome! But instead…

10. The last 2 minutes was a montage undoing all the changes from the last two episodes and reseting the show back to normal, except that Stan apparently now drinks daily to cope. Pretty depressing ending.

Overall – what a strange episode with the commentary on Asperger’s and vaccine deniers then going into a meta-like commentary on the show never changing. Definitely ended on a depressing and cynical note that might speak to Matt and/or Trey’s feelings on continuing to do the show.


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