No Chance – Nobody in WWE wants to be friends with Triple H

WWE tends to have a fair number of storylines going on at any given time. At least two feuds for titles (one from each show) and sometimes more depending on the current status of mid-card belts, plus there are usually a couple of grudge storylines going on. Right now is not really any different. Multiple people want the belts, there are multiple Sin Cara’s, we’ve got the “R-Some” duo talking about a conspiracy, Vicky’s trying to manage multiple wresters, as well as a whole slew of minor stories that we get small updates every now and then. Only right now, almost every story seems to be tied into the question of how well Triple H is doing running the show.

This all really started to pull together in the main event this past Monday when the entire WWE locker room (read: just the heels) was ringside for a vote of Confidence to be made on how Triple H was doing at his job. So while we could take a look at each of the several WWE storylines that is currently going on, it would probably be just as effective to see how they relate to Triple H, since he seems determined to push himself into every aspect of the WWE.

First: The Hell in a Cell R-Some attack:

I was already torn about how I expected the Hell in a Cell match to end on Sunday. I would have liked to see Cena hold onto the belt for more than two weeks because the WWE title is moved from one wrester to another at an alarming rate. Plus a Cena loss means that we will have at least one more Cena win before WrestleMania. But at the same time, we know that WWE is incapable of allowing Cena a clean loss so losing the belt in a Triple Threat is probably the least shenanigan filled way for Cena to lose.

So Cena getting locked out of the cell was as good a way as any for him to lose the match, (though it does make your “undisputed champion” pretty disputable.) but the up and down movement of the cell lends credit to any complaints about conspiracy. Sure I don’t know how Alberto Del Rio can really expect Triple H to be the only person to control the cage but it does give him something to say when the microphone gets handed to him in the group of complainers (because god forbid that somebody doesn’t get their turn on mic)

Of course the real story comes from Miz and Truth attacking everybody in the cage including the refs. Of all the grievances that are had against Triple H, the recently fired wresters probably have the most legitimate one. Though I don’t know what the group of refs is expecting Triple H to do. Those that attacked referees have been fired, and arrested. In fact Triple H almost got arrested himself, trying to get at R-Some when they attacked referees again. What more do they want from him?

Also: Where are your Faces?

I mentioned before that when the “entire” locker room was ringside at the end of Raw, it was a group that comprised entirely of heels. Sure a few faces were sprinkled in the crowd, Zack Ryder was there as was Daniel Bryan, but the big names, The John Cenas, and the Randy Ortons of the company were absent. Beth supposedly spoke on behalf of all the Diva’s even though the two biggest faces in the division weren’t even there.  (Side complaint: Beth Phoenix, who’s whole bit is against the standard diva look, gives the argument “We’re girls?!?”) Now there exist one obvious reason for this. WWE knew that they were going to end with Triple H standing alone in the ring, and they didn’t want to hurt their big names by risking the crowd booing Punk and Cena as they were walking away. However, I have to wonder if WWE has any plans to say why these guys didn’t show up at the meeting for everybody. Especially when Cena seems to like to stand up and say his little bit about everything whenever he gets a chance. Its also worth noting that CM Punk had an extended twitter rant about the walkout where he more or less disagreed with the stars that walked out (A walkout he did not take part of) Is this the possible start of some kind of split in the wresters where we get a company wide face VS. heels? With Triple H leading one team and Johnny Ace the other for control of the entire company? Yea it’s probably the whole don’t boo the good guys thing, but wouldn’t it be cool to think that WWE actually has a plan and overarching story in mind?

So: Where do we go from here?

The smart idea is to have all of this leading to a major showdown at Survivor Series. It’s your last big PPV for the year, and after that you’ll want to start a fairly big focus on the Rock being back (side thought: Rock really needs to be on Raw for a while to get me back into this feud) Of course we still have Vengeance to get through before we can get to SS. Do they even have enough time to build up and real PPV worthy feuds before Vengeance or are we basically going to get a really expensive three hour episode of Raw? My guess is the later.

Unrelated Thought:

I’m getting increasingly unimpressed with the fact that Cena has now won the WWE championship ten times. Every time he comes out as a ten-time champion I don’t think that this has the effect that WWE think it has. They must be expecting me to be impressed by that because they went out of their way to point out that winning the title ten times was breaking a record when it happened at Night o’ Champs. But now every time that they mention Cena has won the title ten times, I can’t help but think in the back of my head that this means that Cena has also lost the title ten times, which I guess is also a record that he holds.

A quick search on the internet reveals that Record holder Cena is actually number four on the list of highest combined number of days holding the title. Three other wrestlers may have held the title a fewer number of times than Cena but all three of them have been champ for at least twice as long. Cena is nowhere close to the record. In fact, Bruno Sammartino, who has only had two reigns in as champion, held the title for a total of 4040 days, meaning it took Cena ten times to achieve just a fourth of what Bruno was able to do in only two runs.


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