DC Comics Relaunch: The Fans Have Spoken, Which New 52 Books Did The Best?

With the first month over, and all 52 releases on shelves, we’re now getting our first look at just how well they sold. DC’s gamble has definitely paid off in the short term as they dominated the sales charts for September. For the first time since October of 2007 they are monthly leader in both comic and trade sales.


Now, I could post these sales charts, but I’d rather just link you to Newsarama’s coverage of them and save this for something far more interesting.


Curious about how the new 52 books sold? Well, here they are ranked in order of sales, from Justice League which debuted at #1 in August and still came in at #44 in September, to OMAC which debuted at #82. Anything stand out as peculiar to you?


1. Justice League

2. Batman

3. Action Comics

4. Green Lantern

5. Flash

6. Superman

7. Detective Comics

8. Batman: The Dark Knight

9. Batman and Robin

10. Green Lantern: The New Guardians

11. Batgirl

12. Wonder Woman

13. Green Lantern Corps

14. Teen Titans

15. Aquaman

16. Batwoman

17. Red Lanterns

18. Justice League Dark

19. Nightwing

20. Justice League International

21. Green Arrow

22. Swamp Thing

23. Supergirl

24. Catwoman

25. Red Hood and the Outlaws

26. Birds of Prey

27. Savage Hawkman

28. Superboy

29. Stormwatch

30. Fury of Firestorm

31. Legion of Superheroes

32. Suicide Squad

33. Deathstroke

34. Legion Lost

35. Animal Man

36. Batwing

37. DC Universe Presents

38. Blue Beetle

39. Captain Atom

40. All Star Western

41. Hawk and Dove

42. Resurrection Man

43. Demon Knights

44. Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE

45. Mr. Terrific

46. Grifter

47. Voodoo

48. Blackhawks

49. I, Vampire

50. Static Shock

51. Men of War

52. OMAC


Grey’s thoughts:


So what stands out to me? Well, for one, Static Shock is the third worst selling title of the pack, and that is one I had pegged for middle of the road. It’s possible that DC left everyone’s favorite electric teenager in limbo a bit too long, or possibly there remains too much stigma over the subpar Teen Titans he was a part of. I’d blame co-writer John Rozum announcing his departure, but that was probably a week after the book went on sale.


The Edge titles selling at the lower end of the spectrum is not surprising, though seeing All Star Western beat out twelve other titles is a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, but they outsold Rob Liefeld! And Resurrection Man!


Justice League Dark sold MUCH better than I was expecting, as I figured it might squeak into the top 25 based just on the name “Justice League”, but it outsold Justice League International which I figured would…actually be right about where it is.


Dark Knight, to me, is proof that the name “Batman” sells titles, as even without having read it yet, the original five issue volume was just awful.


For all the controversy and complaints about sexism, did anyone think Red Hood would be smack dab in the middle of everything? Or better yet, did it sell on hype or on controversy? Did all the sexism complaints drive up the sales?


I like how the top five selling titles are made up of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash. There are DC’s marquee titles and characters, and it’s really nice to not see one of them completely dominate the others. I mean, Batman’s family of books DOES dominate, so does the Green Lantern line, but it doesn’t push other books out. Wonder Woman at 12, Teen Titans at 14, hell, AQUAMAN at 15! If these numbers hold, or at least these places hold, then we’re seeing more interest in some characters than I would have expected possible just a year ago.


Just for some Marvel perspective, the two top selling books out of the House of Ideas were Fear Itself #6 and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, which were sandwiched in between The Dark Knight and Batman and Robin on the chart.


I’m really interested in seeing the sales for October at the end of the month!

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