Free Agents Episode 1-4 Review: Rebranding

Sadly, the ratings for Free Agents have been horrible and I’m certain it’ll be canceled eventually; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s canceled tomorrow. What makes it feel worse is that its counterpart, Up All Night, has been doing okay, indicating that it’s not a problem with the time slot or something like that. People just don’t like the show. As one of the few people who likes the show, I’m sticking around until the end.

The one person who’s impressed me the most has been Kathryn Hahn, who’d probably get a lot more attention if the show had any viewers. She has great energy in all her scenes, when she’s pushing Alex into something or when she’s completely breaking down. Her range is on display in practically every episode, bringing life to every scene.

“Rebranding” has a decent plot, with Alex and Helen going on dates with other people, but it’s a little bothersome that it’s obvious they should be dating each other. The option is out on the table, but Helen doesn’t seem to want to do that. But Helen is also jealous, evidenced by her inquiries about Alex’s date, and the writers don’t really create an explanation for them not dating other than that her fiance died and they’re co-workers.

Score: 8.5/10


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