10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 10.06.11 – Beer Money, Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Sting

Reviewing the 10/06/11 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1. Why did Bully Ray say he’s not granting Mr. Anderson another match when I thought it was already established they were wrestling at Bound For Glory? Even Mike Tenay was counting the match in the bag when Bully Ray hadn’t even accepted Anderson’s challenge for a Philadelphia Falls Count Anywhere Match yet. Bully Ray then further seemed to deny the match later in the show in a backstage segment. Weird.

2. Kid Kash’s attack on Brian Kendrick was a very simple, but effective way to start a feud between the two. Kendrick was cutting a promo talking about cleaning up the X-Division while guys like Austin Aries were inspiring other guys to stop at nothing to get ahead. Kash gave The Wizard of Odd a nasty slap and a believable beat-down. Nicely done.

3. I don’t think Mickie James’ daisy dukes have ever looked better. Wow. In the Knockouts tag match, Angelina continued her miscalculated interference with Winter, but Madison Rayne or the temporary tag team I dubbed “Winter Rayne” stole the victory with Madison rolling up Velvet Sky for the victory. This, to me, teases that Velvet could be pinning Madison Rayne at the PPV for the title possibly after Winter gets screwed by Angelina. There was a tease of both Taz and Mike Tenay commenting that the Beautiful People as one of the hottest factions of all time during the tag match so just mentioning them could have been a teaser for something. Could we see a reunion of the two originals stemming from BFG?

4. Since Jeff  Hardy was the backbone of Immortal and what the group was built around, then it should be Jeff that puts the final nail in the Immortal coffin eliminating all the members from the group one by one until there is no Immortal left ending with a match between him and Kurt Angle who definitely would whip Jeff’s ass once and for all if he fell on his ass, but maybe Jeff at least beats Kurt to dissolve the group. Speaking of Kurt, his brief backstage segment was ten times better this week in terms of believability in his rage over Jeff Hardy returning to the Impact Zone and he was used perfectly later during the Beer Money match as well. The Hardy/Bischoff in ring confrontation was also well done.

5. I told friends way back that Robert Roode and James Storm on their own could carry storylines and feuds as very serious singles contenders and he told me I’d be crazy to break them up. I think not as TNA is setting them up perfectly for potential singles runs. They are not disappointing here. There in ring segment at the start of the show was very well done and their match was solid. Couple that with the very strong BFG video for Roode and he looks poised to give Kurt Angle a very serious challenge at BFG.

6. Move of the Night:

a. Samoa Joe’s  sitting senton on Crimson’s leg. Very cool looking way to further punish his “damaged” ankle.

7. Line of the Night:

a. Eric Bischoff to Jeff Hardy

Bischoff“You are an amazing athlete. One of the most charismatic stars I’ve ever met. But you’re also one of the biggest screw ups I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

8. Match of the Night

Cowboy James Storm vs. Robert Roode 

Not so much a match with counters as it was smash-mouth match to fit Storm’s style with a series of big moves and intensity fitting of a one on one match between the two halves of one of the greatest tag teams of all time. They utilized Kurt perfectly to cause doubt in could James Storm have beaten Bobby Roode if he wasn’t attacked. And since Hogan’s “retirement speech” was next, that saves their post match comments for next week. Great way to leave a cliffhanger there. Entertaining match up as was Storm’s commitment to trying to win the match with the Beer Money speech before and the his solo speech before the match backstage. The seeds were sown here for another future match up between the two if/when Roode wins the title.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

The Tennessee crowd really looked like a bunch of marks falling for Hogan’s “retirement speech”. Too bad they didn’t see Sting on camera last week. Good stuff as it further sold the ruse. Sting brought out the “hidden” footage to expose the Hulkster and we have our big match back “on” officially at BFG for control of the company. Dixie should hire Jeff Hardy back and hopefully he takes down Immortal once and for all as a receipt for screwing us out of the main event at Victory Road. Please? Maybe Abyss will even have a hand in it since his storyline continues to look like he is in conflict with Immortal’s decisions. Overall, the show did it’s job in furthering one step closer to Bound For Glory. Not the best of this past month’s worth of shows, but it did it’s job.

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

Beer Money

Great execution all around and the finish of their match will cause some intrigue in how they’ll both react next week in the go-home show for BFG.

That is all.


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