The Rager – A Parallel of HHH

So where do I even start? This past week has been such an epic, mind-scrambling overload of madness both on WWE programming as well as online among the forums, blogs, articles, speculations, grumblings, etc. Although I must say that here at Pulse Wrestling, our staff of Insiders excreted excellence (as usual) and I found myself constantly checking my phone at work to see if a new story or article had been posted (because I have that kinda time at work).

I gotta admit, when I first watched the walk out last week, I really didn’t have strong feelings about it because I just assumed it would be a new wrinkle in the HHH/power struggle story and it wasn’t going to mean anything in the long run because half the wrinkles thrown into it seem either forgotten or not that influential on the outcome of things.

And then I browsed the intertubes of madness…

Dear sweet Jeebus, there was a visceral reaction following the show and I’m not saying all of it was unjustified because it was quite the awkward segment with people not knowing exactly when to say their lines along with Beth’s comments that clubbed and dragged the feminist movement back to the stone ages. But say what you want about this angle, but it has us talking just when we all started to roll our eyes and complain that there wasn’t anything to talk about.

What I think is interesting about this is that this story has such a real world and human interest application with the power struggle as well as employees unhappy with their work conditions and both factors feed into our scandal-happy society. The only factor that makes this impossible in reality, and this is no new problem at all, is the fact that this is somehow gonna be solved by a match. In our world of hostile takeovers and legal action being taken if you accidentally brush against someone, literally fighting over it seems like a very odd way to go about solving these grievances, which is what HHH has been saying to do.

I’ve been comparing this situation to something I experienced a couple years ago, the details of which I’m going to keep anonymous. I’ve listened to this morning radio show for years, they’re funny, informative and just enjoyable overall. One day, one of the hosts made a disparaging remark about a certain group of people and it wasn’t long that media outlets all over the area made a fuss about it and representatives of that certain group spoke out against them and demanded an apology. The next day, the main host went on the air and basically made a half-sincere apology and told them to quit being babies about it and essentially continued with the insensitivity towards that group. Following that day, not only did the hosts of the show get an earful from the group’s representatives but also from their sponsors, who threatened to pull theirs ads. At that point, the show was taken off the air for the remainder of the week and finally returned for a couple hours with the hosts now humbled and were joined by members of that group and apologized to their faces and explained in detail how they were wrong.
The reason I brought all that up is because I see a parallel between that situation and how HHH is handling this one, including the Vickie Guerrero legal team. The group voiced their concerns and HHH responded by telling them to stop whining and wrestle and leaves it at that. Even during the No Confidence vote, it seemed like it didn’t phase him much and talked smack with everyone that spoke out against him. The problem? HHH isn’t being hit where it would hurt his character the most, the audience. You see, in the radio situation, the worst way you can hurt a radio show is through their advertising because that’s the only way the station gets their revenue and therefore, that was the breaking point for the hosts of the show. In HHH’s case, as he’s stated previously, they all “work for” the audience and I think that will be the breaking point for HHH (if thats what they’re aiming for) is if the crowd turns on him. If the walk out was an attempt to do that (I don’t believe so) then that was big time weak sauce and, dare I say, baby-town frolics. Of course, if the crowd sticks by HHH then he could use the Cena-like montra of the WWE universe having his back blah blah blah. But if the crowd ever turns, you will see HHH changing his tone quickly.

At this point, I would tell everyone to join me for “Live Rager” tonight on Twitter but alas, the Bears are on MNF and as much as I’m uneasy about them playing the Lions (how weird does that statement sound?) I will be watching the game and catching Raw later. However, if anyone wishes to partake in “Belated Rager” I will gladly oblige.

Well that does it for me this week, I know I talked about what everybody else has been talking about all week but it seems almost ridiculous to talk about something else in the WWE, kinda just fails in comparison. But Raw should be interesting tonight, be sure to come back all week to Pulse Wrestling as all of this unfolds.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: Rosebud Frozen Peas: Full of Country Goodness and Green Peaness…wait, what?

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