The Vampire Diaries – Episode 3-4 Recap

As a quick aside, one of my readers commented about how Elena was wearing her necklace and thus could not be compelled by Stefan (I noted that I thought Stefan would force her to forget him).  I did notice that, however, can’t he just tear the thing off?  I mean, even if we’re to assume touching the pendant will harm him (which we know isn’t the case since Damon was holding it), how about the chain?


So it seems that things are beginning to come to a head now.  They’re finally addressing Elena and Damon’s closeness, Klaus is about as close as he could possibly be to finding out that Elena is still alive, we learned more about Jeremy’s ability to see his dead girlfriends, and Bonnie is back in town.


Starting with the first point, the seemingly innocent flirtation between Elena and Damon is starting to get a lot of attention, particularly from Caroline and Alaric – both of whom are wary of the budding relationship.  Speaking of which, I love Alaric, but really, who says “take a beat”?  If it wasn’t bad enough that he used that phrase, he actually repeated it several times!  And then it was said again, by Damon, at the end of the episode.  Yikes!  We need more of that bad ass Alaric who strong armed himself onto the founders committee.


Oh yeah, Elena and Damon.  Well, in typical Damon fashion, just when things seem like they could happen between him and Elena, he turns to the dark side and goes on an asshole spree.  And for some reason, Alaric keeps dying when that happens (I did get a kick out of his “you might want to get that ring checked out” line, though).  I will say this, though:  They have to be careful how often they have Damon do these unforgivable things, because each time Elena forgives him and it really makes her look like a sucker.  I mean, does she not remember that this guy essentially murdered her brother?  Without reluctance or provocation, and without realizing that he had his ring on?  I recognize that he does some truly heroic and selfless things, but still.


Last week I noted that it would be fun to see Stefan torn between the two loves of his life, but it seems that they’ve nipped that in the bud by telling us right off the bat that his heart still fully belongs to Elena.  Although I have to say, is the fact that he’s not in love with Rebecca irrefutable evidence that he’s not with the team?  Sure, his questions were a little suspicious, but they weren’t really out of line.  If the last time I saw an ex-girlfriend she was running scared from somebody, I’d probably ask about it next time I saw her, too.  I do have to say, though, that the idea of Elena, Rebecca, and Katherine all up to something is pretty nifty, too.


Oh, and I still love how Stefan can always tell the difference between Elena and Katherine, but Damon always initially struggles.


We finally got a bit of information as to why Jeremy can see Vicki and Anna.  It seems that it’s a dual effort and that both sides need to be actively attempting to communicate with each other.  Here’s something to consider, though, when it comes to this Anna vs. Vicki war.  Anna mentioned feeling alone, so I take it that she can’t actually see Vicki.  My guess is that she feels the darkness, and based on Jeremy’s actions (she can see him even when he can’t see her), she deduces that Vicki is there.  Therefore, she assumes that Vicki is the darkness.  But is that necessarily a safe assumption?  There may be any number of spirits there that none of them can see.  So who knows what might be responsible for the darkness (although it could be Vicki.  She was always trouble).


So I’m guessing Caroline revealed in an early episode that her dad was gay?  Because I don’t recall any reference to that and Damon mentioned it numerous times throughout the episode.  Incidentally, isn’t Jack Coleman also playing a gay guy on The Office?


For what it’s worth, the complex nature of Caroline’s relationship with her father was interesting – and I am curious to see what other mind-induced abilities he has.  I also liked the “I’m stronger”/”but I’m angrier” fight between Caroline and Damon.

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