10 Thoughts On… South Park Episode 15-9: The Last of the Meheecans

After a less-than-funny fall season debut, South Park returns to a more normal episode.

1. The kids are broken into two sides, one playing Texas border guards and one playing as Mexicans looking to cross the border. It’s amazing still to this day that South Park can get away with doing super racist comedy like this.

2. Butters is “Mantequilla” on the Mexican side, and he gets lost and does not come inside with Cartman’s slumber party. This leads to him being picked up by a couple who buys him a leaf blower and has him “play outside” and clean their yard. Awesome.

3. After dropping him off at “El Pollo Loco”, Butters talks with the Mexican cooks at the restaurant and convinces them to return home to Mexico to be with their amigos.

4. Randy Marsh is shown with his front yard overrun with leaves and screams NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! using the Anakin/Darth Vader voice from Revenge of the Sith.

5. Cartman is drafted into the real Border patrol, who now are both in charge of keeping Mexicans in AND out of Mexico. He uses a tazer and electrocutes

6. The Mexicans have decided that the US has gotten shittier than Mexico and are celebrating “Dias de Mantequilla”. There is a festival with food, pinatas and merch with Butters as Mantequilla.

7. Butters re-approached the border and said “Game On” and then BEAT Cartman. Did he ever win over Cartman before?

8. Cartman had his own excitement-music and voice over for his work as a Border Patrolman that was classic Cartman.

9. You’re a great Mexican Butters, but you’re not a great LEADER of Mexicans.

10. The entire episode was just awesomely racist and funny and also a dig at the current economic climate. This is the writing of South Park when its at its best.

Overall this was a HUGE improvement over last week, with a timely and funny commentary and tons of inappropriate humor. Great bounce back episode.

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