10 Thoughts On Survivor South Pacific… Episode 5

1. Christine and Stacey’s actions at Redemption Island were awful and the definition of sour grapes. Lose with dignity.

2. I am a big fan of Cochran and despite pulling off a great move to get rid of Elyse, it wasn’t his best episode. Working too much before tribal council came off very obvious. In addition, it is clear he has a hate-on for Ozzy but while he may have convinced the others to knock off Elyse, I suspect he will have a harder time selling them on Ozzy. He doesn’t have the power that he thinks he does. Not to mention the herpes stuff was a little out there.

3. How gross was that immunity challenge?

4. I am starting to like Whitney more and more.

5. While I have been hating on Brandon’s gameplay, you can’t take his cooking away from him. That stuff looked super good.

6. This was a breakthrough episode for Jim. He made a good move and while fingers will be pointed, I think it still will be blamed on Jim because Jim is better at adapting which is the most important skill in the game.

7. It’s pretty clear that Ozzy will now play his idol too early and I think that is the biggest thing to come out of the episode.

8. Fantastic move by Whitney and Keith to not show their hand too early and still making the best move for their game. Brilliant gameplay.

9. In all honesty, Coach is playing the best game right now. While that might be a controversial opinion, I believe so. Albert told him he had the idol clue and Coach found the idol. While Christine and Stacey hurt his game, I think he can recover.

10. This season just got good. Although it could still use a little Boston Rob.


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