Sons of Anarchy Episode 4-6 Review: With an X

I was already bothered by Juice’s reasoning and stupidity in last week’s episode, so the constant pans over to his face were bothersome. All the members of the club are supposed to be very competent, and indeed they’ve outsmarted their adversaries numerous times before. But Juice looks like a fool in these episode, both incompetent and unable to keep a straight face. To add to this problem, the black issue still isn’t convincing. Chibs, in response to a question about his wife, responds by saying that rules have to be followed, which doesn’t make sense considering how ridiculous the rule is.

On the plus side, there are definite consequences in the episode, as Miles is shot to death by Juice. It’s a big deal which Juice will have to live with, especially since he’s keeping the sample, implying that he’ll continue working for Roosevelt and Potter.

Romero visits the warehouse and we get another significant twist, Clay wanting Romero to deal with Tara. I highly doubt Tara will actually die from all this, but obviously some bad shit will go down. Considering how Jax dealt with Ima, slamming her face into the dresser, I don’t think it’ll be pretty.

Score: 8.8/10


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