NYCC: The Return Of Shazam


Starting with Justice League #5 the book will contain a backup feature by writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank called “The Curse of Shazam”, and it will relaunch Shazam. They also mentioned that Action Comics will be receiving backup material, but did not announce what it would be. This isn’t the first mention of a return to the Powers of Shazam, as Dan DiDio made mention to the character at San Diego, as well as them having a really cool version in Flashpoint.

My question? Does this mean that Batman: Earth One is completed or delayed, as Johns and Frank were supposed to be collaborating on that and I’ve heard nothing about it in ages.

Here’s another question. They keep saying Shazam, does this mean that the Captain Marvel name is gone? Because he’s been on Young Justice lately reminding me how much I love the Big Red Cheese when he’s written right.

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