Rasslin’ Roundtable — TNA Bound For Glory

Mexican America (Anarquia and Hernandez) (c) vs. Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore) 
Tag Team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship
CB: This match can be summed up by one nice and shiny anagram: DILIGAF! What happened to TNA’s halfway decent tag division, anyway?
Winners: Ink Inc.
M.C. Brown: The tag division has become so stale since the Motor City Machine Guns lost to Beer Money. Beer Money were oftentimes used to just flaunt the belts and before and ever since winning them, Mexican America has bored and annoyed me to tears. London Brawling(a renamed Magnus and Douglas Williams) or British Invasion 2.0 would have been a better choice. Change is needed. Not convinced it’s the Brohawks, but anything is better at this point. Plus Hernandez is supposedly on his way out.
Winners(and new Champions): Ink, Inc
Rhett Davis:  Yeesh… remember when it was Beer Money vs Motor City Machine Guns?  Yeah that was awesome.  I thought Ink Inc. was breaking up anyways with Moore attacking people and Neal being sympathetic?  Oh well.  This match will probably be difficult to watch.  Hernandez is decent enough in the ring, but the rest are just inadequate.  Unless something has changed in the last few weeks.  As for the winners… I’ll say Mexican America just because Ink Inc. is a terrible team.
Winners(and STILL Minor League Tag Team Champions):  The Hispanic Stereotype (right Blair?)
Steven Gepp: This match could be interesting. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Ink Inc bring out their own supporting woman – ODB. And then the match in the ring can be the focus, or maybe overshadowed by whatever’s going on outside the ring. Either way, I am not expecting anything of particularly high quality.
Positive Thing: TNA has a tag team division which is defined and has regular teams.
Winner: MexAm Connection
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Bobby Roode 
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
CB: On a serious note, the buildup to this match that has predominantly featured Robert Roode has been nothing short of brilliant. The key here is that TNA goes all-in here and offers up a clean match with a clean finish that results in the crowning of a new and very deserving champion. *IF* Angle wins, we *RIOT* with hashtag: #OccupyWrestling
Winner: Robert Roode
M.C. Brown: Bobby’s push has been enormous. Almost too perfect. Which then leaves room for them to squash the dream. Hogan’s recent comments as well as counter booking tell me that this match won’t be last and Roode will fall short, cause a yearning in the Beer Money tag team as they attempt to reunite and an eventual split between Roode and Storm, who will more likely be Hogan backed into the push and Championship win Roode earned here. Roode might win the belt as a heel feuding with Storm, but I think Kurt takes him to the limit and a bigger story plays out of it. Don’t get me wrong. Part of me can see Roode winning and thinks it’d be huge, but seeing how they are building towards Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle and how despite Kurt’s bad PR they are keeping the belt on him, I can see them still having Kurt win. The match will be good regardless of the winner. It’s Kurt Angle after all and I believe Roode when he says he’s in the best shape of his life.
Winner: Kurt Angle
Rhett Davis:  I’m glad they are finally attempting to put over a new talent.  What better talent to put over than a TNA Original that’s been there as long as I’ve been watching?  I’ve always liked Robert Roode even when he was accompanied by Miss Tracy.  He has the build, the mic-skills, and he’s not a bad talent in the ring.  And on TNA’s WrestleMania, this is the perfect opportunity to have Bobby Roode take the torch.  So I guess I’m picking what I HOPE will happen come Sunday.
Winner(and NEW Minor League Champion):  Bobby Roode
Steven Gepp: I surely can’t be the only one looking forward to this match, can I? I think Roode and Storm are very underrated outside of tag team ranks. I don’t think TNA has to turn either of them – I reckon a respect story-line, a 4tune along the lines of 4 Horsemen storyline, anything like that would work well.
Positive Thing: That this match is happening, has had some good build and Roode has been built well.
Winner: Kangle
Sting vs. Hulk Hogan 
No Disqualification match for control of TNA
CB: For the love of Dixie, please make this short and quick and to the point.
Winner: Sting
M.C. Brown: High Stakes. High Stinks. Lots of interference. A bloody Hogan begging off and pouring it all on the line getting a sad send off from the crowd might win sympathy points with fans and Dixie to the point of giving him a role again. What other way can they keep Hogan around outside of continuing the horrible Immortal is in charge story and guaranteeing us months more of garbage? Bischoff becomes a manager or leader of Immortal stable until Jeff Hardy picks them all off one by one on his way to facing Kurt. Sting’s crusade ends as a joke or farce if he doesn’t win, but where does he go after this? It won’t be to face a bald Taker at Mania, that’s for sure.
Winner(and control of company): Sting and Dixie
Rhett Davis:  The retirement home called… they want their residents back.  So winner obtains control of TNA?  That sounds terrible.  Hulk has already extended his contract so even if he loses, he won’t be going anywhere.  My guess is that Sting will lose and we will be right back under Hulk-rule until the next Network representative steps up to the challenge.  Expecting a 5-Star match?  Ha! This will be awkward as hell as TNA will continue to try to make poo smell like cologne.
Winner: Hulk Hogan
Steven Gepp: Can Sting break his run of the most appalling matches of the year by a main eventer in either promotion? Not against this Has been. I don’t think the match will go ahead. Bait and Switch will occur and we’ll get Sting against maybe 17 men, including Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair and then Dixie Carter will come out and we’ll discover she’s been having an affair with Eric Bischoff all the time, Sting will put Hogan in the Scorpion Death Lock and they’ll do a Montreal reference for the 43,568th time when it’s revealed Bischoff, Carter and Sting were in cahoots the whole time.
Positive Thing: Blair Douglas’ hatred will be completely, perfectly 100% justified.
Winner: Sting, but certainly not the audience
Winter (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne 
Four-way match for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
CB: TNA has really dropped the ball with the Knockouts for awhile, and naming Karen Jarrett as head of the division was merely the icing on the cake of awful-ness. That said, one storyline I really rallied behind over the summer was Velvet Skye’s title quest, which actually came across as believable and kept me invested in *something*, at least. Therefore, I am pulling for Velvet here and I hope she captures her first Knockouts singles title. At the very least, it would mean a lot to her…
Winner: Velvet Skye
M.C. Brown: Stories need to spin out of this. Velvet pins Madison although a Velvet victory over Madison while Mickie would have been defending would have been a nice build up to a story that “you didn’t beat me” could cause. Winter loses due to Angelina’s backfire and I think the Beautiful People reunite eventually. Winter has had very little story as Champ the 2nd time around, even Madison has more of a story going on, so Angelina has to create the drama here and Velvet has been teased by Karen, so her getting the strap can bring more prominence to that story.
Winner(and new Champion): Velvet Sky
Rhett Davis:  PUPPIES!… ahem.  Well we have the Psychotic Lunatic, the Up-And-Comer, the Veteran (yes Mickie is a veteran), and the Princess.  No Tara?  I’d rather see her in this match than any of them, but as for this match, I don’t see Winter holding on to the title here.  In fact, I think it will finally be Velvet Sky’s time to shine and become Champ. Woo.
Winner(and NEW Minor League Divas Champion)
:  Velvet Sky
Steven Gepp: Ahh, I remember the days when TNA’s women’s division had great athletes, great matches and was actually interesting with compelling storylines. What happened, TNA? And the thing is, last weekend I saw a great women’s match. I have seen some awesome women’s matches this year. But all of them have been in Riot City Wrestling.
Positive Thing: At least Kelly Kelly and Eve are not involved in any way, shape or form.
Winner: Madison Rayne
Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn 
Full Metal Mayhem match
CB: I feel like RVD checked out of this one a LONG time ago.
Winner: Jerry Lynn
M.C. Brown: I really want to pick Jerry and hope he would win, but I think that his willingness to job to Rob and his understanding of his age/role and being a total professional will mean he loses this. Would love to see Mr. J.L. upset RVD, but I don’t see where they go from here and I don’t know if TNA is going to get behind Jerry as much as I wish they would. This’ll be a helluva match, tho.
Winner: RVD
Rhett Davis:  This has the potential to be match of the night.  RVD and Jerry Lynn have crazy chemistry, and they could tear the house down.  And with Full Metal Mayhem, this match will be violent.  As for the winner… it doesn’t make much sense for Jerry Lynn to win.  Therefore, RVD will win with some crazy Frog Splash through a table or some nonsense.
:  Rob Van Dam
Steven Gepp: Okay, I admit it, as much as RVD leaves me feeling a bit “meh”, I am a bit of mark for Jerry Lynn. In fact, the only ROH show I think I’ve ever caught in its entirety, he was their champion (or one of them). I am looking forward to this. So sue me. I mean, the story behind it makes no sense, and the stip seems a bit ECW, but at least they should be able to put on, at the very least, a watchable match.
Positive Thing: Jerry Lynn wrestling.
Winner: RVD
Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray 
Falls Count Anywhere Philadelphia Street Fight
CB: I’ve actually enjoyed Bully Ray’s heel run to this point but Anderson’s character has been both lost and mismanaged for a very long time now so I will lean Ray’s way here via typical Immortal shenanigans.
Winner: Bully Ray
M.C. Brown: I’m inclined to think Abyss would interfere here, but hopefully it’s saved for just Hogan vs. Sting. No interference would be nice, but seeing as this feud probably isn’t ending as much as I’d want it to, the Falls Count Anywhere stip will come into play.
Winner: Bully Ray
Rhett Davis:  I’m almost to the point I’d rather see Devon vs The Pope… almost.  Mr. Anderson is so terrible.  Honestly I stopped watching TNA solely due to him.  That’s right, not Hulk, not Sting, not Jeffrey Nero Hardy, not Matt Cold-Blooded Hardy.  I stopped watching after the A**hole gimmick.  It’s just horrible.  Steve Austin cursed in every segment, but the toughest SOB in the business, Kennedy is not.  I do like Bully ray and this actually will probably be entertaining just because he’s in it.  As for the winner… it really could go either way.  I’ve got a lot of faces winning, but I’ll pick… another..? Maybe?  Is Anderson a face?  Yeah I don’t know…
:  Mrrrrrrr. Knock-Off Austin
Steven Gepp: I think Bully Ray is one of the few wrestlers at the moment who has his entire gimmick/character/persona down pat. Pity it’s 10 years too late. Anderson is… Anderson. Thank God this is a street fight because that will most likely cover all the deficiencies in these two as wrestlers. And in Anderson, that’s a lot of covering up.
Positive Thing: They are hurting each other and not dragging some one else into this mess.
Winner: Bully Ray
Austin Aries (c) vs. Brian Kendrick 
TNA X Division Championship
CB: Austin Aries is the future of the X Division, period. Can we please get to the Alex Shelley feud after this placeholder match is wrapped up?
Winner: Austin Aries
M.C. Brown: A-Double is just on another level and Kendrick already got a pinfall victory over a superior character. Aries needs to hold on to this belt for a LONG time. Much like Mickie should have had the Knockouts title. Hopefully they don’t screw this up.
Winner: Austin Aries
Rhett Davis:  Austin Aries has been a breath of fresh air since re-joining TNA.  Kendrick is good, but Aries is fantastic.  This match will be good and it has the potential to be the MOTN if RVD/Lynn isn’t.  Austin Aries has really impressed since re-debuting and I can’t see Kendrick derailing him just yet.
Winner(and STILL Minor League Cruiserweight Champion)
:  Austin Aries
Steven Gepp: While I think Kendrick’s persona is confusing and does not fit, this should be an exciting spotfest of a match. This is what the X-Division was developed for – insane guys to just basically defy physics, logic and gravity while entertaining us.
Positive Thing: It’s the X-Division with real X-Divisioners.
Winner: Aries
A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels 
“I Quit” match
CB: Along with Roode-Angle, this one could be a strong match of the night contender. A.J. tends to lose big matches lately, and Daniels needs the win to cement his most recent heel persona, so…
Winner: Daniels
M.C. Brown: Unless an injury angle is played out before the event or during the match, no way AJ gives up. Without any knowledge of this, it’s hard to pick Daniels, but I wouldn’t be surprised if chicanery comes out of it as this feud seems far from done. For now, tho, AJ is tabbed for a win.
Winner: A.J. Styles
Rhett Davis:  Well… everytime I say that a match will be the MOTN, I come across another match that very well could.  Styles and Daniels also have some crazy chemistry and they will tear the house down.  Who will win?  Well I doubt the Fallen Angle triumphs over the Goldenboy AJ.  Styles doesn’t lose to Daniels much and this time will most likely not be any different.  I just wish AJ could move up in rankings… be fighting for the World title.  When was the last time he had a shot at the belt?  Or was even in his own storyline with someone that was memorable?  Bully Ray?  Anyways, AJ will probably win with some crazy finish.  I Quit stipulation will add to the match.
Winner: AJ Styles
Steven Gepp: I know what they are going to do – go out there and do a Steamboat/Savage and steal the limelight from Angle/Roode. Could these two have a bad match against one another? I quit is an interesting stip, but at least it is new for these two. I expect to enjoy this.
Positive Thing: Styles/Daniels? That’s all positive!
Winner: Daniels
Samoa Joe vs. Crimson vs. Matt Morgan
CB: Blair’s favorite match of the night! I think Joe gets a long overdue win.
Winner: Samoa Joe
M.C. Brown: Crimson pins Morgan after Joe lays Matt out. Only way I see this playing out and it preserves the streak to eventually be broken in a singles match. No way it unceremoniously ends here. Too predictable.
Winner: Crimson
Rhett Davis:  Three monsters in this match and none of them are Abyss?  Seriously where is Abyss?  He’s one of the most noteworthy TNA Originals and he doesn’t make their feature card?  Boo on you TNA, boo on you.  I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of an Abyss fan so I expect to see him on the card.  Especially the WrestleMania equivalent card.  Anyways… Samoa Joe is losing all steam he ever had, Crimson is being forced down our throats, and Matt Morgan has always been sloppy and boring.  Oh well he has the Bicycle Kick and the elbows in the corner!  So?  That’s all he has.  I honestly can’t remember a damn thing Crimson has done.  Other than Spear a few people.  And Joe… *shakes head* … leave while you can!  As for who wins?  Is it any doubt that the man who was undefeated for so long will lose?
Winner:  The TNA Crimsonboy
Steven Gepp: We have Samoa Joe, a genuine talent who has wrestled this year like he does not give a flying f**k what he does. He is wrestling like he wants the pay-cheque and nothing else. Then we have Crimson and Matt Morgan who… wrestle. Allegedly. *Sigh!* I’d say poor Joe, but he has real attitude this year, and I think that’s hurt his chances elsewhere.
Positive Thing: Gunner’s not in this match.
Winner: Morgan
Closing Statements
CB: I think Bound For Glory will be a borderline thumbs up show. Roode-Angle is a very promising main event, while Hogan-Sting will be catastrophic to watch in 2011. It all comes down to emotional investment and believable booking in pro wrestling, and TNA ultimately has a very long road ahead in those two departments. That’s all from me — CB.
M.C. Brown: My TNA Impact Wrestling Thoughts can be found on Inside Pulse every week. So plug plug. 😀:D
I watch the show every week and can honestly tell you that I probably am going to be off on a few of these but that’s because TNA may do something that truly they might feel is going to “swerve” us but will end up being stupid. I am sure I’ll have a couple mixed up or some surprise will happen. No doubt, tho, Jeff Hardy will probably be involved in the Sting vs. Hulk Hogan match since that’s where the most stake is on the line. I really hope he or anyone doesn’t ruin the Angle/Roode match as any interference is going to ruin it, but since James Storm isn’t facing Gunner and will probably have to show up at some point, I won’t be surprised if interference happens in the Main Event, the TRUE Main Event. Hardy afterall is going to face Angle and I highly doubt it won’t be a title match. How TNA can keep the belt on Angle after all of his recent PR flubs is baffling to me. Part of being a Champion is representing your company as a positive example of what a Champion should be. Steering clear of drama(and medians). 😉;) If TNA headlines their next PPV with two legal headcases battling for the belt then Dixie needs her head examined. You don’t reward irresponsibility with main event pushes spots, main events and pay offs. That is completely asinine. I don’t care who the competitors are. Let them earn back that trust and respect from the company to carry the ball again. That is All.
Rhett Davis: So courtesy of our esteemed colleague Kelly Floyd, we get to ramble away on TNA.  To be honest, it’s hard not to criticize when reading the card.  I wish we still had a formidable tag team division like they did with MCMG and BM.  Finally TNA had done something to make themselves better than WWE and then they just let those teams flounder.  Rather than just letting those teams fight each other day-in and day-out, they should have built up some other challengers.  And I mean good challengers.  Don’t you dare say Mexican America and Ink Inc. are formidable.  Bobby Roode is about the only thing I agree with with the entire card.  He deserves it.  If Angle wins that match… that will start a revolution.  And sadly… that still wouldn’t shock me too much.  Why put over a new talent when you can bury him right?  TNA Logic astounds me.  TNA needs to learn that putting the stars of yesteryears in a match isn’t going to get someone to buy your show.  Seriously after reading about Sting/Angle, Sting/Jeffrey, and Sting/Anderson, why the hell would I want to see Hulk/Sting?  At least in those, Sting had a younger opponent.  Here… this is just going to be ugly.  The Knockout Division is another division that used to be so compelling.  However, since the debut of Winter… it just hasn’t been that interesting.  If it wasn’t the slave angle with Winter and Angelina Love that turned me off of TNA, it was Mr. Anderson.  I cannot stress enough my loathing hatred for Mr. Anderson and his constant A**hole abuse.  Oh and Crimson still sucks.  Wait I just realized…. NO GUNNAR?!?! They spent months pumping him up and now he no-shows the biggest show of the year.  Tsk tsk TNA.
Steven Gepp: I am trying to be positive. I really am. This card looks as good on paper as Heck in a Cell. And I am expecting similar quality. A couple of good matches, some absolute tripe and a bunch in that mediocre range. But I am getting frustrated. Now, see, I’m 40 years old. I’ve been watching wrestling for more than 30 years. I first stepped into a ring 20 years ago (or thereabouts). I am not some one who needs convoluted storylines or immense back-story. I am some one who enjoys watching “professional wrestling.” But I am in the minority, and so I put up with the stupid stories just so I might get some good wrestling. But this year… it’s as bad as all the WCW resets, or WWE post-Montreal Screwjob. And the worst bit? At least back then I could be guaranteed of getting a few good matches. Now, the good matches are so rare it’s almost not worth my time.
Amongst my favourite matches from the big promotions have been one of the WarGames, Rumble 1992, Warrior/Savage (WM7), the 10-man at Canadian Stampede, and the Styles/Daniels/Joe 3-way. Why do I mention this? Because I can watch them again now, years later (decades in some cases), and still be entertained by what I am seeing. The back story is secondary to the in-ring performances. The wrestlers tell their story in the ring, with a little help from better than competent announcers. Are we going to be able to watch what we’ve been fed this year in a decade’s time and still be entertained by what we are witnessing, removed from the inane story-lines, with sub-porno-standard acting, and hindered by announcers who put themselves over more than the in-ring product?
   Now, this is a TNA PPV. This year TNA have had my favourite match of the year, and the best PPV of the year. I think Destination-X will be the PPV I will be able to watch in 5 years and still follow what’s going on and be entertained. However, TNA also have the worst 3 PPVs of the year, the worst title match, and the consistently worst matches by their main eventers. I keep saying TNA is not at WCW 2000 levels yet but, damn, they are getting close. Roode/Angle and Styles/Daniels should save this PPV, and I have high hopes for RVD/Lynn and Kendrick/Aries. But Hogan v Sting? In 2011? I saw that in 1997 and it wasn’t great 14 years ago. 14 years! In that time I’ve met a wonderful woman, got married to her, had two kids, and gone back to university to get a second degree. All I want is wrestling that’s fun to watch and entertaining. Is that too much to ask for?

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