10 Thoughts On… The X Factor Top 32 Review

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1. Rachel Crow proves why this show is called The X Factor, because she has something that I can’t see as her vocal ability didn’t cut it tonight. I am not a big fan of the cutesy sob story in a talent competition. Bring it or don’t.

2. Brennin Hunt can sing better than I thought.

3. Could Josh Krajcik have picked a more boring song? While I am sticking with him as my pick, his first audition was much more magical.

4. Tim Cifers is spectacular and one of the dark horses on the show. He is much bet

5. Rihanna’s comment to Marcus Canty made no sense. She said she wasn’t sure he was a star and then followed up that pearl of wisdom by saying how confident he was by looking at her right in the eye. Which is it?

6. Loved that Tia Tolliver sang “No Diggity.” One of my favorite songs of all time.

7. Christa Collins was great, but when her mic stand fell, it was clear that the songs were dubbed over and while it was obvious before, the fact that the mic stand didn’t make a sound when it hit the floor emphasized this to even the most casual viewer. The show itself just reeks of being overproduction.

8. There are way too many members of IntenSity. I can’t even name one of them and more than half the group just danced for the entire song. If they liked Nick Dean so much, they should have put him into the solo category.

9. The positioning of the contestants and their final auditions speaks volumes about how far they will go. It’s clear that Chris Rene and Melanie Amaro will go far into the competition.

10. Not cool for them not to reveal the Top 32 on Sunday and draw it out again.

Murtz Jaffer is the world's foremost reality television expert and was the host of Reality Obsessed which aired on the TVTropolis and Global Reality Channels in Canada. He has professional writing experience at the Toronto Sun, National Post, TV Guide Canada, TOROMagazine.com and was a former producer at Entertainment Tonight Canada. He was also the editor at Weekendtrips.com.