Parks and Recreation Episode 4-4 Review: Pawnee Rangers

Ron and Leslie are such different characters that putting them at odds pretty much ensures a funny outcome. On the trip into nature, there are the obvious differences–Ron’s pack eating beans from cans while Leslie’s group eats Korean food. Then there’s the puppy party which everyone, except Ron, loves. (And by everyone, that’s including every viewer in the world.) Like every Leslie vs. Ron story, there is always a good ending: Leslie’s group may have had the amenities to draw in all the boys, but Leslie makes it up by getting Ron a group of true outdoors kids.

Tom and Donna’s treat yo self plot was fun, as they go on a shopping spree for random things that aren’t useful. Of course, Ben is disturbed by this behavior, and I’m sure he was wondering more than once where all this money came from. But even he gets in on the action, getting a Batman costume, which was very funny. In addition, we see that Ben hasn’t been doing great since he broke up with Leslie, a condition temporarily relived by the shopping, but sure to come back.

The writers squeezed in a subplot for Jerry and Chris, with Chris beginning to date Jerry’s daughter. There isn’t much to the plot, but their roles are well-defined and funny so it works.

Score: 8.8/10


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