Pulse Wrestling’s LIVE WWE Monday Night Raw Report 10.17.11

Hello I am your host Johnny Rosado. My apologizes for having no Raw report last week. We had technical difficulties getting it posted. I assure you that these issues have been resolved and we will be bringing you all of the action as it unfolds tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw. Please join me after every commercial break tonight at 9pm on USA network.

Rosado’s Run In: Last weeks show left something to be desired to this viewer. The whole show and story lines felt rushed and poorly thought out. What has happened with the anonymous general manager? WWE has been riddled with Plot holes as of late. Let’s just hope that they redeem themselves tonight.

John Laurinaitis was introduced to the ring. A video clip of last weeks show featuring Triple Hs firing and Laurinaitis hiring. Laurinaitis introduced himself as The interim GM. He teased that Rey Mysterio would return in action tonight but was kidding. He stated that he will not let the board of directors down nor will he let the fans down either. He mentioned the Jim Ross firing last week and stated that he received thousands of Tweets fro fans wanting JR back. He introduced Jim Ross Back to Raw. Laurunaitis asked JR to come to the ring. He apologized to JR but than mad fun of him. Laurinaitis made a match of John Cena and Jim Ross vs Cole and Alberto Del Rio.

Rosado’s Run In: Why was JR even fired to begin with? He is the greatest announcer of all time. Vince just likes to stick it to JR at the expense of the fans, JR and his family. UGH…..!

Randy Orton, John Morrison, Sheamus vs Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Christian

Christian and Randy Orton started the match. Sheamus tagged in and Christian wanted nothing to do with him so he tagged in Rhodes. Sheamus took the advantage in the corner but Rhodes quickly turned the tables. After awhile Rhodes tagged in Mark Henry. Randy Orton attacked Cody Rhodes and chased him up the entrance ramp. Back from the commercial break Morrison was in the ring with Mark Henry. The match was made a regular tag team match after Orton and Rhodes fought their way to the back. Henry tagged in Christian. Morrison had most of the offense until Christian got a flurry of strikes in on Morrison. Morrison hit his standing flip signature move. Christian rebounded and tagged in Henry. Henry dominated Morrison. Henry tagged Christian back in the ring and the heel team continued to keep JoMo Isolated. Christian and Sheamus started to fight outside the ring and it spilled to the crowd. Morrison hit the flying chuck and after another move Henry caught JoMo and hit the worlds strongest slam for the win.

Cm Punk Vs The Miz was announced

Commercial Break

A Brodus Clay hype video was shown

Laurinaitis was shown backstage with the Bella twins who were kissing his ass like they do the guest raw GMs. Del Rio came into the office and complained about his match with Cena, Cole and Ross. Laurinaitis stated that the winner of that match would get to pick the Stipulation for this Sundays WWE Championship match at the pay per view.

Eve Vs Natalya

Natalya beat up Eve for a few minutes hitting her with strikes. Natty continued to dominate Eve with body slams. Eve hit her top rope moonsault for the win.

Rosado’s Run In: Why bother positioning Natty and Beth as dominate Divas to just have them job to less talented Divas like Eve? Tonights theme seems to be UGH….!

Commercial Break

They announced once again that Triple H and Cm Punk will team to face Miz and Truth at Vengeance

Cm Punk Vs The Miz

Punk and Miz made their ways to the ring for their match. Miz taunted Cm Punk. He said they cost Punk getting another chance at The WWE Championship. Truth told Punk that Miz would beat him tonight and that Awesome Truth would beat Punk this Sunday. Triple H made his way to the ring to back up Punk.

Commercial Break

Punk got Miz in a submission hold until Miz got to the ropes. Punk got Miz in a headlock and kept control of the match until Miz hit a kick on Punk and applied a headlock. Punk continued to take the advantage until Punk missed his Corner high knee and bulldog combo. Truth tried to attack Punk when he got thrown to the outside but Triple H stopped him.Punk hit a few chops in the corner and kicks in the middle of the ring. Truth tried to trip Punk adn Hunter tried to make the save but the ref tried to stop Hunter. Truth and Miz double teamed Punk. Miz took the advantage and hit a top rope axe handle. Miz tried to wear down Punk with a headlock. Punk countered with a belly to back suplex. Miz throw Punk to the outside. Truth hit Punk with a bottle of water to the face. Hunter chased Truth to the ramp when John Laurinaitis ordered the match to stop. He showed Hunter a piece of paper and said that he needed to come with him. Hunter refused until Truth mocked him. Triple H hit Truth and walked to the back.

Rosado’s Run In: Too much is happening in this conspiracy storyline. Please tight up the loose plot wholes before you move on to more layers of the storyline. I don’t know who’s idea this was but please make it stop

Commercial Break

The match with Miz and Punk continued. Punk hit a few kicks . He hit the Macho Man Elbow from the top. Punk went for GTS but Truth interfered. Punk threw Miz into Punk and Punk got the roll up for the win. After the match Miz and Truth attacked Punk. Refs came out and stopped the attack. Awesome Truth left the ring but they came back to the ring and hit Punk with their finishers (Lie Detector and Skull Crushing Finale)

Rosado’s Run In: I am so glad that Punk got the win here. Great way to put hit on Miz and Truth for the match this sunday.

Commercial Break

Cole and Lawler hyped The WWE Network

Jack Swagger (With Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero) Vs Zack Ryder

Ziggler, Swagger and Guerrero gave promos. Vickie announced that Dolph and Swagger would face Air Boom this Sunday for the tag straps. Swagger started singing the American national anthem. The fans boooed him. Zack Ryder made his way to the ring. Swagger hot a few strikes in the corner but Ryder kicked swagger in the face and hit this finisher The Ruff Ryder for the win. Swagger and Ziggler tried to attack Ryder but Mason Ryan made the save

Rosado’s Run In: Where is Alex Riley?  🙁

Commercial Break

Mason Ryan vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler wanted nothing to do with Ryan. Ryan dominated Ziggler with slams and power moves. He hit a hard clothesline on Ziggler. Ziggler hot a dropkick on Mason but Ryan hit Ziggler with a big boot to the face. They went to the outside and Vickie smacked Mason in the face. He took it out on Ziggler in the ring by attacking him in the corner. Ryan was disqualified for continuing to attack Ziggler in the corner.

JR and John Cena were shown backstage talking about their match.

Commercial Break

Alberto Del Rio and Cole vs John Cena and Jim Ross

JR punched Cole in the face. Cole tagged in Del Rio. JR tagged in Cena. Del Rio and Cena went back and fourth. Del Rio started to isolate Cena and continued to do this for a few minutes. Cena went for the attitude adjustment but Del Rio countered. Del Riohad the advantage most of the match. JR and Cole didn’t get much ring time. Cena hit the 5 moves of doom. Del Rio tagged in Cole. Cena slammed Cole into the ring. Cole begged Cena not to fight him. Cena hit the AA on Cole. Cena tagged JR in and JR made Cole tap to the ankle lock. Del Rio attacked Cena but Cena turned the tables and started to attack Del Rio. Cena  made the match at the pay per view A Last Man Standing Match.

 Rosado’s Run In: I can’t say that this show was much better than last weeks show but it was. That’s not saying much. I am a loyal professional wrestling fan so I do stay watching Raw even when it’s bad. What can I say I love professional wrestling


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