Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots: NFL Week 6 Thoughts

Dallas Cowboys 16 – New England Patriots 20

Daniels thinks another team might be better than the Pats: I totally fell for this game.  I expected the Patriots to walk through the Cowboys’ crappy secondary with nary an issue.  It didn’t happen.  There’s really no great strategy to beating the Cowboys it seems.  Keep it close and let them ruin the game for themselves in the fourth quarter.  Are we going to have to admit here pretty soon that Patriots actually aren’t the best team in the AFC this year?

Rhett Davis, though, settles for mocking Dallas: A slow game that could’ve gone either way, but the Patriots would pull out the win at the end.  The Patriots had two fumbles and two interceptions, but still overcame the adversity to pull out the W.  So does that make Dallas the new San Francisco and vice versa?  The 49ers are 5-1 and the Cowboys are 2-3.

My Take: The Cowboys consistently play up or down to their competition.  Against the Patriots, they looked great, but they also didn’t have Tom Brady, so they lost.  Seriously, Brady is the single best QB I’ve ever seen and he makes an average receiving core and good offensive line look excellent.  And yes, Daniels, the Patriots are the best team in the AFC, if only by default, though it seems like Baltimore might be close.  The Cowboys continue to play excellent defense, but I’d really have expected them to do more against New England’s (lack of) pass rush.  Still, Dallas’ division is so inconsistent that they could easily charge back to take control… or utterly fall off the map.  Such is the NFC East. 

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