DVD News: MST3K‘s Beez returns

The cult of Beez can breath a sigh of relief. Beth “Beez” McKeever was both the Prop Goddess on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Magic Voice. She was also allowed to appear on camera. Her greatest on screen role was Steffi, the babysitter for Bobo and Brian during The Touch of Satan. The original boxset had gone out of print and used copies are steep. While there is no price too high for time with Beez, the episode is being released as a Shout Select solo DVD on October 18. Also coming out that same day is The Atomic Brain. Here’s the press release from Shout! Factory:

Shout! Factory has announced the October 18 release of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Touch Of Satan and Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Atomic Brain, available exclusively at http://www.shoutfactorystore.com/prod.aspx?pfid=5257511 and http://www.shoutfactorystore.com/prod.aspx?pfid=5257512. Customers who purchase both titles from Shout! Factory will receive a MST3K Stress Ball. Both DVDs are currently on sale for $14.99 each, as are all the previously released MST3K single-disc DVDs from Shout! Factory.

What happens when a fiendish tale of postnuclear scientific hubris and lust for youth collides with a bunch of actors, a rolling camera and no budget? The luckless captives aboard the Satellite of Love know — and let’s just say it ain’t pretty. Join Mike, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Atomic Brain as they riff-isect with comic precision this 1964 horror flick about an old woman’s quest for eternal youth and the weird guys on her payroll who make it happen. But first you’re treated to some masterful mockery of the 1955 short film What About Juvenile Delinquency? wherein a teen gang member rethinks his career path after his father is mugged. All this and a sneak peek at Tom and Crow’s poignant and whimsical off-SoL play, Love Letters.

The Touch Of Satan gets a touch of the divine when Mike and the ‘bots react in real time to this twisted tale of love, walnuts, wassail and witchcraft. A young man on his way westward makes a stop at an isolated farmhouse, where he meets and falls for — you guessed it — the farmer’s daughter. What she is soon revealed to be, however, is no joke. Of course, that doesn’t stop our hapless heroes aboard the SoL from turning this devilish drama into, oh, two thousand jokes. Meanwhile, with Pearl away, Professor Bobo and Brain Guy are none too pleased to be babysat by pretty but infantilizing Steffi (a welcome appearance by MST3K crewmember Beth “Beez” McKeever).

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