House Episode 8-3 Review: Charity Case

The whole “character quirk as medical problem” plot has been done so many times on House that it’s no surprise that the patient (played by Wentworth Miller) actually has a medical problem which makes him want to give away his things. The added twists is that instead of House being his usual dickish self, he wants the guy give away money, to fund diagnostics so he can get the whole team together. While this didn’t last the entire episode, the episode as a whole felt very streamlined and flowed nicely, as there weren’t any random side-stories like there were in several episodes last season. We get to see some interplay between Dr. Adams and Dr. Park, and they seem like good characters.

The episode also marks the last episode for Olivia Wilde unless she returns for the series finale. Her exit is rather understated, as she shows up in only a few scenes, blurts out some lines of medical jargon, and then is out the door forever. I like it this way, given how little attention the other characters have gotten through the years, and her departure didn’t add an extra burden onto the rest of the episode.

Score: 8.7/10