Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins: NFL Week 6 Thoughts

Philadelphia Eagles 20 – Washington Redskins 13

Is there a real controversy or did Philadelphia just need a win, Grey Scherl? The Eagles needed a win, and the Redskins needed to not have an appearance by “Bad Rex Grossman”. That’s the story of this game. Rex Grossman completely caved in, and the Eagles took advantage. Though that isn’t to say that they dominated, as being desperate doesn’t make them any less of the Eagles we’ve been seeing all season. Mike Vick threw a pick, Vince Young came in for one pass and threw a pick, the team couldn’t convert effectively on third down (and yet did worlds better in all regards than the Redskins), and really, the Eagles were fortunate that they were up against the Bad Redskins and not the team that we’ve been watching the past few weeks. Now the “Dream Team” is going to be struggling to keep up winning, while the ‘Skins are going to face a quarterback controversy since one game of Bad Rex and now John Beck is demanding the starting job. Interesting, to say the least.

Daniels gives us the dish on Rex Grossman and Philly’s inconsistency: Rex Grossman did manage to make everyone temorarily forget he was Rex Grossman by coming out huge against the Giants in Week 1.  However, as the Giants spent the last few weeks proving, nobody in their secondary can tackle yet.  Here’s the deal with Philly: pick them if there’s a shaky quarterback without a monster running back.  Do not pick them if there is a monster running back period.

Hey Rhett Davis, want to pile on Rex?  The Dream Team wins!  For the first time since their defeat of the St. Louis Rams on Week 1, the Eagles have won a football game.  Was it a pretty win?  By no means, but the Eagles won this much-needed divisional game.  It appeared at one point that the Redskins would turn it around by catching an interception from Vince Young who replaced Vick for a few downs.  After they got the ball back, Rex Grossman would… throw them a pick right back.  With that, Michael Vick returned and the burying of the Redskins would commence.

My Take: I got reamed by everyone for saying Grossman was bad earlier this year.  Apparently, even though he only ever did it with John freaking Elway, Mike Shanahan is a QB genius.  Hey, guess what?  No, he really isn’t.  Grossman has always been bad and will continue to be so.  Beck is just as bad.  This team needs, amusingly, Kyle Orton or somebody.  The real problem, though, was the running game.  Everyone has run on the Eagles, but the pound it out Skins couldn’t?  Seems to indicate their hot start was fluky, like I said, and that this is likely the worst team in their division.  Philly?  We shall see.  Andy Reid’s job is at stake, so they’d better make the playoffs.  Note, though, they didn’t exactly crush a clearly less talented team.

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