The X Factor 2011 Spoilers: Top 16 Becomes Top 17 – Review

Time for the Top 16 to be decided!

– Tells Tora Woloshin she is out
– Tells Simone Battle is in despite her problems with remembering the lyrics
– Tells Drew Ryniewicz (the Justin Bieber fan) that she wasn’t just the best teenager, but the best in his group

– Tells Josh Krajcik, tells him ‘I don’t know if the guy next door is a superstar’ but then says he is through to the live shows
– Tells Christa Collins she is out
– Christa says it ‘has been an amazing journey’
– Tells James Kenney he is out
– Tells Dexter Haygood he is in

– Tells Illusion Confusion that they are out and they say they are mad
– Tells 2 Squar’d they are out despite their harmonies being spot on
– The Brewer Boys, a lot of people connect with your sound and a lot of people who don’t but that they are in
– Tells 4 Shore they are out and Paula tells them she is in awe of their vocal ability

LA Reid
– Tells Brian Bradley that the first time he saw him, he was impressive and the standout of the day that day but that he was struggling to see if he can maintain the right kind of attitude to go forward and win
– Tells Brian Bradley that he is in and that he is a champion
– Tells Phillip Lomax that he can’t give him Sinatra every night
– Tells Nick Voss he is out
– Tells Skyelar Anderson he is out
– Tells Brennin Hunt he is out
– Tells Phillip Lomax he is in

– Tells Jazzlyn Little that he loved her grit and that he really felt it
– He said that he thought people would like her because he liked her
– Tells her she is out

– Tells Tiger Budbill he is out who says his heart dropped a little
– Tells Leroy Bell she knows how good he is, but isn’t sure if he wants it enough
– Tells Leroy Bell he is in

LA Reid
– Tells Chris Rene he made perfect song choice with “Everyday People”
– He said he has seen him better though
– Reminds him that it is competition and that consistency wins
– Tells him he is in

– Says she sensed an energy that was off in Lakoda Rayne
– Needs them to work on their facial expressions to connect
– Tells IntenSity she saw 10 different personalities and that the boys really emerged but that the girls needed to improve
– Tells Lakoda Rayne they are in
– Tells IntenSity they are in

– Caitlin Koch tells Simon she thought she connected with the song
– Simon tells her he thinks she is beautiful
– Simon says he was fighting for Tia Tolliver
– Tells Caitlin Koch she is out
– Tells Tia Tolliver she is in

LA Reid
– Tells Tim Cifers he is out despite Rihanna telling him he was most humble
– Tells Marcus Canty he is in despite not knowing where he fit in the current musical landscape
– Obvious that LA Reid wants to work in the genre he is the most comfortable with as he put in Chris Rene, Brian Bradley and Marcus Canty and cut Tim Cifers and Skyelor

Paula Abdul
– Tells The Anser that it was a tough day and that their vocals don’t always blend together and that there will things that ‘fell short’
– Tells Stereo Hogzz’s Tre that he has a magical voice and that the rest have to build their vocals up
– Tells The Anser that they are out
– Makes Stereo Hogzz her final choice

– Tells Stacy Francis that she has an amazing voice
– Tells Elaine Gibbs that she is one of the most talented singers she has ever come across
– Nicole tells Elaine that it isn’t just about voice, that The X Factor is about personality and charisma to command the stage
– Puts Stacy Francis through to the Top 16
– Cuts Elaine Gibbs

– Tells Rachel Crow that he loved her first audition and that he wasn’t expecting how good the others were going to be
– Tells Rachel it was a very difficult decision and that he had to pick people he could turn into recording artists
– Said some people would think these were crazy decisions
– Tells Melanie Amaro she has one heck of a voice and the effect she had on the Miami audience
– Tells Melanie she is out
– Tells Rachel she is in

– Flies to Florida
– Apologizes to Melanie and her family for making a mistake and asks her to reenter the competition
– Adds Melanie Amaro To Top 17 and said that he made a mistake and that he had to ‘right a wrong.’

Here’s the complete list of your Top 17!

Simone Battle
Drew Ryniewicz
Tia Tolliver
Rachel Crow
Melanie Amaro*

Josh Krajcik
Dexter Haygood
Leroy Bell
Stacy Francis

The Brewer Boys
Lakoda Rayne
Stereo Hogzz

LA Reid
Brian Bradley
Phillip Lomax
Chris Rene
Marcus Canty

*Added to competition after initial Top 16 announced


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