10 Thoughts On South Park Episode 15-10: Bass To Mouth

South Park is here with the third of seven episodes in the second half of season 15!

1. There is a new Gossip Girl-style blog at South Park Elementary called “The Eavesdropper” that all the kids are following for gossip. The first kid that they had gossiped about had taken a #2 in his pants.

2. The principal and guidance counselor have a meeting with Cartman to urge him not to bully Pete Melman for crapping his pants, and promise to make it worth his while.

3. Cartman’s insane solution is to give another girl in class a tainted cupcake and causes her to crap her pants and try to kill herself too. The next meeting results in Cartman being reamed out for causing a different near-suicide.

4. They actually AGREE to Cartman’s next insane plan, which is to have a fake pizza day for the whole school, spike the pizza with laxitive and have everyone in the school crap their pants.

5. The school led by Stan and Kyle find who is running Eavesdropped, and it turns out its a rat – Wikileaks – who is brother of Lemmiwinks!! Yes Lemmiwinks is back!

6. As the pizza is prepared for the kids, Cartman demands his reward – which is bringing Selina Gomez in to see him, then promptly having her beaten up. Awesome.

7. The kids are confronted by a Fish Wizard Ghost, who was exposed on Wikileaks for having an under-age salmon do Bass to Mouth on him.

8. Eavesdropper is teasing is biggest expose ever, which was caught when Wikileaks the rat ran thru the kitchen, so the teachers need a new news story that would supercede them trying to kill the students. They decide to throw Cartman under the bus – LITERALLY.

9. The boys find where Lemmiwinks lives now and STEAL him from the current owner, some kid who freaks out. On the bus back to the school, they apparently run over Cartman. Mr. Mackey has a “suicide note” from Cartman featuring many “Mkays”.

10. The show closes with Cartman, all wrapped up, talking to Mackey about the cupcakes he gave the faculty, which leads to an amazingly gross scene of Mackey rocketing through the hallways by blasting crap out of his ass.

Overall: Another strong episode with funny stuff that would not be allowed on most other shows. They dealt with some serious current events in the South Park way, with heavy doses of grossness and Cartman awesomeness.


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