Private Practice Spoilers: Is It Really Cooper’s Kid?

The shocking twist at the end of last week’s episode of Private Practice, revealed that Cooper might have fathered a child in a one-night stand and while it is unclear whether Mason is actually his son, actor Paul Adelstein believes that Cooper’s desire to be a father might cloud his judgment.

“The thing that Cooper’s having trouble with, and it doesn’t do him any favors, is he feels like this is like the best case scenario for him, to a certain degree,” he said. “He’s not convinced that this is actually his kid yet, but I think he’s kind of hoping that it is, especially after this one cute scene where he tries to get to know Mason. He’s just totally smitten.”

Cooper’s connection with the kid raises flags for the rest of the Practice, who tell him to keep things in check until the boy’s paternity can be confirmed.

“By their estimation, Cooper is being naïve,” Adelstein says. “They think he should be a lot more cautious before he gets too invested in this kid. But he’s willing to just kind of jump with both feet.”\

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