Fall TV 2011 Cancellations: My Thoughts On Charlie’s Angels, Playboy Club, H8R Getting The Boot

Premiere season is always full of hits and misses and the first round of misses has started. On the chopping block for this season so far include the failed reboot of Charlie’s Angels, the flat and slightly off Playboy Club, CW’s short lived and horrid reality show H8R, Hank Azaria’s Free Agents and Kevin Dillon’s post Entourage, How To Be A Gentleman.

Charlie’s Angels – Despite the magnetic beauty of Friday Night Lights (TV) star Minka Kelly, Charlie’s Angels just fell flat on every level. Nothing really new here, beautifully racially diverse women (and Bosley too) could not keep this disaster of a show from tanking. I cant help but think that when casting Charlie’s Angels they seemed to bypass the natural choice of casting Adrianne Palicki as the hot blonde and also bring a little of that FNL heat back to prime time.

Playboy Club – In this writer’s opinion the fault here lies with the exclusion of a real Hefner character. When I heard that The Playboy Club was coming I was expecting a show about an up and coming Hugh Hefner and not Eddie Cibrian’s “acting”.  Even the inclusion of Amber Heard in a bunny costume couldn’t make this worth watching.

H8R – Mindless reality trash from The CW. Put it in the same file as Beauty and The Geek.

Free Agents -Low ratings killed Free Agents before it really had a chance to shine. At times it seems there should be a waiting period before cancellation. Often a show does not reach its stride until episode four or five and in my opinion Free Agents had the potential to pull in a fan base. Lets hope Hank Azaria used the leverage of having a new show for his Simpsons contract negotiations before Free Agents was cancelled.

How To Be A Gentleman – Hitting all the wrong marks, How To Be A Gentleman was a mess from the beginning but this writer cant help but think that HTBAG is the first in a turning trend of television shows that are aiming to get back towards the man’s man television sitcom (see: Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing). Much like how King of Queens ushered in a trend of fat and stupid husbands with mildly hot wives, the land of Television maybe trending back towards the age of real men and not just overweight comic relief or metro-sexual hair quaffing girly boys. Write it down, HTBAG was ahead of its time.

Which shows are next? Time and ratings will tell.


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