Psych – Episode 6-2 Review – “Last Night Gus”

Pseudo psychic Shawn Spenser and his unfortunate nicknamed best friend, Burton Guster, are back for the sixth season of the USA networks Psych. Even for those previously unaware of Psych, the second episode of season six is a great starting off point for those just tuning in.

After a wild night of drinking (and possibly more?) Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Woody the Coroner wake up in the Psych beach front offices with more questions than answers. Where did Shawn get his bling? What happened to the three bullets missing from the gun of Detective Lassiter? Why did Lassiter and Woody wake up spooning? In standard Psych episode format we learn the answers to these questions as a case unfolds. This case however, puts our hero’s in a particularly compromising position as the victim has been shot three times and seems to have spent the night partying with the mismatched foursome.

While the episode starts off slow and by the book, its the little perks that keep Psych fans tuned in and waiting to see what happens next. The budding relationship between Shawn and Juliet, guest stars (this week’s Ed Lover), the new and hopefully semi-regular appearance of Kurt Fuller (Better With You, Supernatural) is both hilarious and much needed. With Shawn Spencer and Lassiter’s relationship seemingly softening, primarily due to last weeks revelation that Shawn is in love with Juliet and the fact that Shawn passed a lie detector test administered by the detective himself. Fuller’s Woody would be a great new addittion to the already quirky Psych family.

Speaking of family, it was Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen) who almost stole the show this week. Although at first it seemed that Henry was shoe horned into the episode his addition turned out to be just the right fit. As a matter of fact, it was Bernson who delivered the funniest line of the night, sans pants. A line that may have been one of the funniest moments of the series, if it weren’t for Dule Hill’s gut busting drugged up, shoot out scene.

In the end its the comedy of Psych that keeps the viewers watching and although the new additions to the ensemble cast are fresh I can only hope that the writers don’t forget that at its heart Psych is a buddy comedy and the endearing and often hilarious relationship between Burton and Spencer is where the true magic of this show lies. Be sure to check out new episodes of Psych every Wednesday on USA.

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