The Mentalist – Episode 4-5 Review- “Blood and Sand”

The third season of The Mentalist began in a dark place, with the Kristina Frye stuff and Jane’s past coming back to haunt him. In contrast, Jane has been pleasant and easy-going this season, a state clearly evident in “Blood and Sand.” Alongside the ocean, Jane seems to be in a much different place, which is odd since he’s convinced Red John is still out there. But that’s how he is now and we’ll see if he continues to behave like this.

Van Pelt continues to have problems. She combative, even getting into it with Rigsby, and is actually causing a lot of harm by pissing people off. The more she gets entangled with people the less people want to get involved with Lisbon’s team. There will obviously be a breaking point some time during the season, something that should be interesting. It’s nice to see payoff from the events of the third season, especially compared to Criminal Minds which has all but forgotten what happened in the previous season.

Score: 8.7/10