The Vampire Diaries – Episode 3-6 Review

Last week I voiced my disappointment that we didn’t see the good bye between Matt and Vicki, saying that it deprived us of the opportunity of seeing a softer side of the departed vampire.  It’s now clear that this was done deliberately – we weren’t supposed to see a lighter side of Vicki because she’s a dark character.


Now, why can Jeremy and Anna touch?  And how is Mason back?  My guess is that is that something went awry with either Matt or Bonnie’s spells (or perhaps both?) and that brought back these dead characters.  But I’ll ask the same question I asked when we discovered that Jeremy was seeing vampires that he loved:  Will we see Jenna return as well?


I do enjoy the new dynamic between Stefan and the various characters, particularly Elena.  Their interactions are fun and different, with him not wanting anything to happen to her due to Klaus’ orders, and Elena not wanting to give up on him because she loves him.  While I do hope they end up together, and I always thought they worked, not much changed with them over the past two years.  This is at least fresh.


I’m also glad that they didn’t go overboard with the Damon/Elena stuff.  Sure, there was a longing gaze – which may or may not have been done as a continued ruse against Stefan – but for the most part things were pretty innocent and typical.  They’ve got plenty of time to tease that relationship, it’s good that they’re pacing themselves.


Big fan of Alaric’s training of Elena (especially his brutal truth assessment of her weaknesses and limitations).  I’m curious, though, why they’re so insistent on making Alaric such a mess.  Was he supposed to be hung over the morning they were training (hence why he brushed off her greeting)?  It seems like they’re going out of their way to make him seem like a wreck.  Oh, and the dude-vorce between Alaric and Damon is kinda funny, too.  It’s amazing how forgiving everybody is towards Damon.  These two were, like, best friends, even though Damon murdered him with his bare hands, not knowing that Alaric would come back to life (by the way, if anybody in Mystic Falls ever offers you a ring, TAKE IT!)


I am slightly disappointed that they’re already creating tension between Jeremy and Bonnie, because it barely feels like we got to enjoy them being happy.  In last week’s review I noted that I enjoyed seeing the budding platonic relationship between Matt and Bonnie.  I’m now wondering if they are building a romance between them after all (for the second week in a row, their storylines coincided and climaxed together).


On the other hand, for whatever reason, I do like the dissention between Tyler and Caroline.  I just find the idea that Tyler is not bad, but feels a connection and loyalty to Klaus because he is his creator intriguing.  It’s actually quite reminiscent of the relationships on True Blood.  Makers always have a special, intensely close bond with their creations (and vice versa).  Suddenly things aren’t so cut and dry as far as allegiances go.

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