Pulse Wrestling’s LIVE WWE Vengeance Report 10.23.11

Hello everyone and welcome to The Pulse Wrestling’s LIVE WWE Vengeance Report. I am your host Johnny Rosado. Tonight’s event should set the wheels in motion for the expected battle between John Laurinaitis and whoever will be on his team vs Triple H and whoever will represent this team at Survivor Series next month. Also John Cena and The Rock will meet next month to team up in a classic 5 man elimination Survivor series match up. Will The Rock make a surprise appearance? Have we seen the last of Kevin Nash? and Who has John Laurinaitis been texting for months now? Hopefully we will get these answers and more tonight.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Air Boom (Champions) vs Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

Kingston and Ziggler started the match. Kofi got a wastelock on kofi. Back and fourth chain wrestling from both Ziggler and Kingston. After a sunset flip from the kofi he got a near fall on ziggler. Bourne got the tag and hit a drop kick on Dolph. Swagger got the tag and Bourne hit another drop kick. Kofi tagged in again. Air Boom got a few double team moves on Swagger like a double drop kick in the corner. Air Boom made many tags to keep control of Swagger. Ziggler finally got the tag and took control of kingston. Dolph hit a great drop kick. Swagger got the tag and so did Bourne. Bourne hit Swagger with the running frankstenier. He also hit Swagger with a series of kicks and strikes. Bourne went for Air Bourne but Swagger got his knees up. Swagger tagged in Ziggler. Ziggler got three near falls on Bourne. Swagger back in the ring now with Bourne. Swagger got a near fall after an elbow drop. Swagger got a front chancery on Jack to prevent Bourne from making the tag but Bourne reversed swaggers move and swagger fell to the floor. Swagger got back up and hit Kofi. Kofi fell to the floor. Swagger isolated Bourne and Ziggler tagged in. Back and fourth tags by Ziggler & Swagger. Bourne finally got to tag Kofi. Kofi was on fire with a series of high flying moves. Kofi hit the top rope crossbody. Near fall for Kofi. Kofi hit the Trouble in paradise and Bourne hit the Air Bourne for the win. Ziggler gets pinned by Evan Bourne.

Rosado’s Run In: I have to say I do like Air Boom as a tag team. They put in a lot of work in there matches. Here’s hoping that this is just the start of the rebirth of The WWE tag team division

WWE United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler (Champion) vs Zack Ryder

Ryder hit a few punches on Ziggler. Ryder dominted Ziggler at the start of the match until Ziggler hit a neck breaker. Ryder threw Ziggler out of the ring. Air Boom threw Ziggler back in the ring. The ref threw Air Boom out from ringside. Ziggler finally got the advantage when Ryder missed a crossbody. Ziggler used headlocks and rest holds. Ryder got the advantage and hit the Woo Woo Kick in thecorner. Swagger distracted Ryder and Dolph went for the Zig Zag but it was blocked. Swagger distracted Ryder again and Ziggler hit Ryder with the Superkick for the pinfall.

Rosado’s Run In: I wish they would have given Ryder a title run. He has the fans support but now he just needs WWE Creatives support. Woo Woo Woo. You know it….!

Cm Punk and Ted Dibiase were shown back stage. Triple H came into the picture and Ted left. Hunter explained what happened last Monday with his visa in Mexico. Punk said that it’s okay and that if this was 5 years ago or even 5 months ago he would have thought Hunter was just trying to screw him over. They had no hard feeling towards each other.

Footage was shown of Beth and Natalya Neidhart ttacked Kelly Kelly before the Pay per view.

WWE Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix (Champion) vs Eve

Beth took the advantage early by attacking Eve with strikes. Eve handcuffed Beth to the ropes with her own attire. Eve started kicking Beth in the back. Beth finally got free and got the advantage back. Beth got a leg grapevine on Eve and started clubbing her in the chest. Beth was mocking Eve by saying “Cry Eve, Cry”. Eve got out of the move and applied her own submission hold. Eve had Beth in an arm bar until Beth reversed it. The advantage did last long as Eve took it back. Eve went for a top rope moonsault. Eve miss and Beth hit The Glam Slam for the pin fall.

Rosado’s Run In: The divas division is hurting right now. This viewer cares about Divas matches less and less as the months pass

Matt Styker interviewed Big Show. Show said that Hnery thought that he ended Shows career but he was wrong. Show said that it took Henry 15 years to win the title but it only takes 3 secconds to lose the title.

Footage was shown of The HBK vs Hitman DVD which hits stores Tuesday

Christian vs Sheamus

Christian didn’t want to get in the ring but when he did Sheamus took it to him. Hitting clotheslines and strikes. Sheamus was dominating until Christian reversed a slam attempted by The Celtic Warrior. Captain Charisma hit a top rope dropkick. He also hit a few slams and rest hold like a sleeper. Sheamus got back on the offense by hitting a fall way slam. Sheamus went for the celtic cross twice but it was reversed. Christian hit a spear and got a near fall. Sheamus went for a celtic cross but it was reversed again. Sheamus hit the Brougue kick for the pin fall.

Rosado’s Run In: Sheamus should be in line for the next World Heavyweight Title match

John Laurinaitis was shown backstage with David Otunga. Otunga said that this is a big night for Laurinaitis as it is his first pay per view as GM of Raw. Miz and Truth came into the picture. Laurinaitis stated that he reinstated Miz and Truth because he sees them as becoming the greatest tag team of all time but than he said that he was joking and that he just likes the way that they suck up. MIz and Truth argued about who was a bigger suck up. They both said that Punk and Triple H just suck.

Footage was shown of what has happended over the past few months between Miz,Truth, Punk, Hunter , Vince and Laurinaitis

Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth) vs Cm Punk & Triple H

Miz and Punk started the match. Punk hit a series of kicks and a snapmare.  Hunter got the tag but Miz didn’t want any part of Triple H. Truth and Hunter battled in the ring and Hunter hit Truth with a punch to the face. Truth reversed hunter clothesline attempt but Hunter ended up taking the advantage back. Cm Punk got the tag so did Miz. Punk went for a submission. Back and fourth tags made by Punk and Hunter. Great tag team wrestling by both teams. Punk and Hunter hit a double suplex on Miz. Truth got Punk in a sleep hold but Punk got out of it. Both Miz and Truth were in the ring and Hunter hit a AA spine buster and a knee to the face on both Miz and Truth. Aweosme Truth kept Hunter isolated. Miz was very impressive against Triple H. Miz hit a series of knees to Hunters gut. He also hit a neck breaker. Truth was back in the ring against Hunter. Truth a hit a corkscrew elbow.  Hunter needed to tag in Punk and finally did. Punk hit clothlines and kicks to Miz and Truth. Punk hit a bulldog clothesline combo on both Truth and Miz. Punk went for a top rope elbow but Truth distracted Punk. Hunter attacked  Truth. Hunter and Truth went to the outside of the ring. Kevin Nash attacked Triple H. Punk went for GTS but Truth attacked him. Awesome Truth did a tag team move called Little Jimmys Finale for the pin fall win on Cm Punk. After the match Nash Attacked Hunter in the ring. Nash hit Hunter with a jacknife powerbomb.

Rosado’s Run In: The anniunce team keeps begging the question how is Nash getting into all of the pay per views if he’s fired and who is behind it? Are they not watching WWE programming like we all are? It’s obvious that it’s John Laurinaitis

John Laurinaitis and Alberto Del Rio were shown backstage. Del Rio questioned why he was put in a Last man standing match if he’s never been in one before. Laurinaitis said that he was never in a Hell In A Cell match but he still won the WWE Title last month. Del Rio agreed and said that he would find a way to win tonight

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes

Randy took the advantage early but Rhodes ended that quickly. He hit Orton with a front suplex. Rhodes used kicks and strikes to the face in the corner on Orton. Rhodes had a headlock on Orton until it was reversed with a belly to back suplex. Rhodes got back on offense. Orton started holding his neck. Rhodes continued his assault on Orton. Rhodes applied a Boston crab. Randy countered but Cody continued the assault. Orton so far has gotten very little offense. Rhodes went for a top rope moonsault but missed. Orton hit a series of Clotheslines and a powerslam. Rhodes got the advantage back by hitting the springboard kick off the ropes. This advantage didn’t last long as Orton went to work on Rhodes. Orton hit a slam on Cody. Back and Fourth offense by the two men. Rhodes hit a standing Randy Orton with a top rope moonsault. Rhodes hit the cross rhodes and got a near fall. Rhodes mocked Orton and started using Ortons Taunt set up for the RKO. Orton reversed Cody’s RKO attempt. Cody’s baggers interfered but Orton hit the RKO for the pin fall win

Rosado’s Run In: I was hoping that Rhodes would have gotten the win here so he could be established as a main event caliber star. He is a future WWE Champion in my opinion

Footage was shown of Mark Henry winning The World Heavyweight Championship and the introduction of the hall of pain

World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry (Champion) vs Big Show

Coller and elbow tie up to start the match. Show got Henry in the corner. Show was hitting Henry with a series of punches in the corner. Henry went to the outside. Henry came back in the ring. Henry hit a bodyslam on Show. Henry started working on the leg of Show. Henry had Show in a leg grape vine. Henry continued to work on Shows leg until show kicked him off of him. Both men hit a clothelines on each other at the same time. Show went for the Choke slam on Henry and hit it but Henry kicked out at two. Show than went for The WMD but Henry reversed it into the worlds strongest slam. Show also kicked out. Both men could not believe that each other had kicked out of the moves. Show hit a top rope chokeslam but Henry also kicked out. Henry hit a superplex on Show and the ring collapsed. The medics came to the ring to check on both men. Big Show got carted to the back. Henry refused to get anyone’s help to the back. Henry walked to the back. The match ended in a no contest.

John Laurinaitis stated that the main event would still go on even tho the ring was broken

Footage was shown of the rivalry between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio since Hell In A Cell

Rosado’s Run In: The end of the match was crazy. It was a site to be seen. If you couldn’t watch the pay per view tonight you should try your best to watch this match. Great effort by both men

WWE Championship: John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio (Champion)

Del Rio hit a kick on Cena after Roberto distracted Cena. Del Rio continued to kick Cnea and keep him grounded. Del Rio grabbed Cena and threw him into the ring post outside the ring. Del Rio dominated Cena with Three suplexs in a row. Cena got up at a 4 count. Cena attempted the Attitude Adjustment but Del Rio reversed it and hit a backstabber. Cena got back on his feet adn hit a 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena went for the AA again but it was reversed again. Del Rio hit a title a whirl back braker. Del Rio had the advantage until John Cena hit the attitude adjustment. Del Rio got up at a count of 8. Cena went for another AA but Ricardo ran in the ring and hit Cena. Cena hit Ricardo with a kick to the face. That was enough for Del Rio to gain the advantage back. He got a sleeper hold on Cena but Cena got up. Cena threw Del Rio outside he ring into the barrier. Del Rio recovered and threw Cena into the ring steps. Ricardo interfered again but Cena threw him the busted ring post. He landed on the post. Cena did a drop toe hold on Del Rio. Del Rio hit the poll Ricardo was on and it launched Ricardo onto the floor. Del Rio rebounded and hit Cena in the face with the ring steps. Cena got up at an 8 count. The two men fought to the back stage area. Cena threw Del Rio onto a table. Del Rio tossed these metal grates that where in the backstage area onto John Cena but he got out of of pile at an 8 count. The two men made their way back to the arena. Del Rio threw Cena into The big Vengeance V stage prop than Del Rio got thrown through a table. Both men answered the 10 count. Both Del Rio and Cena made their ways to the announce table. Del Rio threw Cena over the announce table. Cena recovered. Cena climbed up the steps with Del Rio on his shoulders and hit The Attitude Adjustment through the table. The Miz and Truth hit the ring and attacked Cena. Miz hit Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale. Del Rio was down for about a 15 count but the ref was distracted by Miz and Truth. Cena got up at a 9 count. As Cena was getting up Del Rio ran in the ring and hit him in the face with The WWE Championship. John Cena was unable to answer the 10 count. Alberto Del Rio retains The WWE Championship.

Rosado’s Run In: I for one would love to see Cm Punk as The WWE Champion right now but I am glad that Cena didn’t win the title yet again after just losing it at the last pay per view. Miz and Truth are with Nash and John Laurinaitis that’s for sure. Question is who does John Laurinaitis keep texting? WWE should have a pay per view called Questions. That’s all we keep getting these days. Here’s hoping the conspiracy angle comes to a head at Survivor Series



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