Wonder Man’s Revengers Takes On Bendis’ Avengers 5 Months After Destroying New Avengers

After destroying the New Avengers in their September 2011 Annual, comes January 2012’s Avengers Annual #1 also by Marvel go-to-writer Brian Michael Bendis.

As a refresher, here is what you need to know from the New Avengers Annual #1. What’s below is the cover with Revengers leader Wonder Man, his team, and the last page of the issue.

And, here is the solicit for Avengers Annual #1:


Simon Williams and his Revengers believe the Avengers’ time is up and they’ve taken the fight right to the Avengers’ front door.

Anyone liking this new take on Wonder Man? I’m intrigued, but I think a 5 month delay kinda killed any buzz that the last annual’s cliffhanger had. I don’t get Marvel (or DC) editorial sometimes.

I know some may be asking whether the Revengers are just Force Works 2.0 or something more. However, I think this team has the potential to be a more assertive ‘Vengers team. I actually think the team could stand on its own as a gray’ish team that takes on unorthodox missions; a team that would fully embrace the potential of “a” Secret Avengers type team that isn’t being done in the Secret Avengers title.

A Revengers title could be a cross between classic Thunderbolts and Secret Avengers. Basically a more cerebral X-Force for the Avengers franchise. THAT would be cool. Plus Wonder Man and Atlas rock. And, there are two giants on the team: Atlas and Goliath!

I would read an ongoing Revengers title. Would you?

What say you? 🙂

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