10 Thoughts On… Once Upon A Time – Series Premiere Review

1. The initial episode was memorizing if only for the fresh concept. The Hook movie was always a favorite because it offered a modern spin on an old story and this show’s proverbial Hook is that is the television version of the movie. Adults can appreciate the new take on the fairytales of yesteryear while kids can look at the plotlines as their new ones.

2. Casting is going to be critical on this show and when Giancarlo Esposito debuts next week as a reporter for The Daily Mirror/Man In The Mirror (how great is that?!), it appears things are on the right track. Given that Once Upon A Time there was a show called Lost and considering this series is the brainchild of the writers from that hit (Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz) I fully expect actors from that show to ‘magically’ appear. At least the ones who aren’t on Hawaii Five-0, Person of Interest, or the upcoming Alcatraz. Guess that just leaves Jin, Sun and Claire. Seems the more things change, the most they stay the same. Alan Dale/Widmore is already confirmed to play Prince Charming’s father.

3. Show is teetering creatively between cool on one side and cheesy on the other. We’ll see if the balance tips it one way or the other over the course of the season, but no one can deny that it is compelling.

4. Robert Carlyle’s portrayal of Rumpelstiltskin stole the show.

5. Thought that the flashback’s between the time of Snow White and modern time in “Storybrooke” could have been differentiated a little more. Lost had the sound effect to let you know that there was a time change, but the transitions here were seamless. There was no Wayne’s World effect as the seamless transitions were obviously meant to keep the viewer guessing as to what was then and what is now.

6. We better see some Pinocchio.

7. The show had a smooth feeling, and honestly felt like a bedtime story being read to you rather than giving you the feeling that you were tuning into a television program. In this respect, the writers were successful in their attempt to draw out a nostalgic feel.

8. The Queen needs co-conspirators.

9. The audience spectrum will be interesting as CTV has Once Upon A Time preceding The Amazing Race and Pan Am on Sunday nights.

10. Fairytales rule… even now.

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