Dexter – Episode 6-4 Review – “A Horse of a Different Color”

The religious theme for this season of Dexter is very broad, and I guess you could say that about any show that randomly drops in on religion six seasons into its run. The previous seasons of the show had themes that were intimately tied to Dexter whether it was a serial killer with a family or a serial killer someone could accept. All the conceptualizing more or less pointed directly to Dexter, much like the religious themes on Big Love would point to the Hendricksons. Here, though, characters are talking about religion, but none of it is particularly relevant to Dexter’s religion The writers contrive an entire scenario surrounding Harrison in order for Dexter to pray, and it feels really, really cheap.

The useless Dexter subplot may have hit a new low with Batista and Quinn smoking it up. It’s kind of funny, but they’re supposed to be cops, not Harold and Kumar. As an aside in last week’s review, I said that Ryan might have stolen the Ice Truck Killer stuff to for serial killer black market, and it actually turned out to be partially what happened. It’s one of the most boring things that could have come from the theft–that Ryan needed money and thought no one would notice its disappearance.

Travis and Professor Geller continue to do what they’ve been doing. It’s obvious Geller is the one in charge while Travis dutifully follows, even if he harbors some initial reluctance. There was some evidence indicating that Geller is a real person rather than a ghost, as he binds the woman while Travis is sleeping, but Travis could also be doing things unconsciously. I’m hoping Dexter spotting Travis, who is stupid enough to hang around, will lead to more answers about them next week. Even though we don’t know much about them, I have to say, the way they stage bodies has been pretty cool.

Score: 8.4/10


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