Two And A Half Men 2011 Spoilers: Judy Greer Returns To Show Tonight In New Role… Walden’s Ex-Wife

Judy Greer is returning to Two And A Half Men tonight and says she can’t believe she is going to come back to the show which she hasn’t appeared on since 2007.

This time, she will be in a new role, playing Walden’s ex-wife who he wants to win back. She said that it “felt like a different television show to me,” returning after Charlie Sheen’s departure. In tonight’s episode, Greer gets stuck in the middle of a love triangle when Joe Manganiello guests as Bridget’s new boyfriend. Below, the actress chats about the show no one can stop talking about. She will run into Walden and Alan (Jon Cryer) while on a movie date with Manganiello. Naturally, he assumes Walden and Alan are also on a date.


Source: EW