The X Factor 2011 Review: My Power Rankings Of The Top 12 Contestants

Here are my rankings of the Top 12 contestants left on The X-Factor

1. Astro – Complete shocker, picked the right song, blew the competition away with the first performance of the night.
2. Melanie Amaro – As expected, delivered phenomenal rendition of Whitney Houston’s ballad. A definite favorite in the competition.
3. Drew – Perhaps the most improved contestant, made “What A Feeling” her own song and put her unique and haunting tone to a classic tune. Could easily win and become bigger than Bieber. Yeah, I said it.
4. Josh Krajcik – Not the best song choice but still my pick to win.
5. Marcus Canty – Sounded better than he ever did during the audition stages and finally starting to come into his own.
6. Stereo Hogzz – Loved the way they combined the retro with new-age and singing with dancing. Memorable and in a competition like this, that is important.
7. Lakoda Rayne – Sounded good, looked great.
8. Stacy Francis – Was expecting more.
9. Chris Rene – Very disappointing effort from one of the top contestants in the competition. Terrible song choice.
10. Leroy Bell – Decent, but forgettable.
11. Intensity – Think The Brewer Boys had an off night but should have made it through instead of this mish-mash of confusion.
12. Rachel Crow – Should not have been put through under any circumstances over Tiah Tolliver. Simon allowed popular opinion to sway him and Rachel’s performance was awful. Let’s just call a spade, a spade.