The Vampire Diaries – Episode 3-4 Review

Last week was a good week for moving the plot forward. No big event or huge reveals, just character development and story building. A few nuggets of things we all want to see (especially for Delena, Forwood, and Team Anna fans) and a great cliffhanger for this week.
Stefan, Klaus, and Rebecca take a few minutes out from Klaus’ necklace obsession to do some shopping. Not just any shopping, we’re talking techno music and champagne. Poor Rebecca in that black skanky dress. How could she know Stefan prefers brunettes? Especially ones with leather jackets, jeans, and straight hair. Klaus is still annoyed that Rebecca doesn’t have her necklace- the one Gloria needs to contact the Original Witch and find out why Klaus can’t create more hybrids. Stefan steps outside and sees Katherine, who’s pretty much stalking them. She wants to know his “diabolical” plan because she says it will fail. I believe the only true thing Katherine wants is Klaus dead.
Back in Mystic Falls, Damon and Elena bond over Chili in a scene I find just as awkward as an on-looking Alaric. Things are definitely becoming more and more noticeable between them and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Upstairs, Jeremy wakes up from a nap to his dead ex-girlfriend / ghost lying next to him. Understandably, he freaks out, but both seem happy to finally be able to have a conversation. However, they’re interrupted by Bonnie FINALLY coming home. Jeremy is cute with every girlfriend he has. Holy chemistry. Stephen R. McQueen is the next Ryan Gosling (he’s fresh on my mind- see my Idiots of March blog post).
Across town, Sheriff Forbes brings Damon to the torture chamber where Daddy is being held. He supposedly* alters Daddy’s memory to get him to leave town.
Damon: “So, Bill, I hear you’re into the whole Daddy/Daughter Vampire Torture thing?” Is that a thing??
In Chicago, Gloria tries to track down the necklace. The spell makes the necklace burn Elena, cueing her in to the fact that something ain’t right with that particular piece of jewelry. Luckily in that moment, all Gloria sees is where the necklace is, which is only as specific as a few girls holding it (Caroline, Elena, and Bonnie). She doesn’t know exactly where this scene is taking place or who the girls are. Said girls are now in the town square with Bonnie rifling through a spell book to find what’s up with Elena’s necklace. Caroline, never one to beat around the bush, confronts Elena about Damon. She says, “No one’s changing Damon. Not even you.” When did she get so wise? (Elena has already made Damon his best self, but no one can ever completely change someone.) Suddenly the necklace starts floating revealing that, according to Bonnie, the necklace has its own magic. At the Chili party across town, Alaric and Damon have a confrontational moment when, both proclaiming to be protecting Elena, tell each other to back off.
The writers love Stefan, Klaus, and Rebecca. (Whom I shall now call The Three.) I mean their conversations are just priceless.
Rebecca: (To Stefan) “And why are you being mean? You used to love me?”
Klaus: “It’s been ninety years, Rebecca. Give him a minute.”
That’s the thing about TVD. They make you villains you love to hate. Emphasis on love.
Jeremy and Anna meet in the dining room of- I think the Chili party? If anyone saw him I’m sure they’d think he was talking to himself. I appreciate the lack of CGI ghosts. Malese Jow is there in the flesh, which makes Jeremy and Anna touching hands way better than if his hand was to go straight through her. Anna explains that she is on the “other side,” reaching out to him. They’re able to make contact when he opens up to her. She’s also apparently terrified of Vicki, who brings evil energy when reaching out to Jeremy. Alone on the other side, I feel sorry for her- is she a ghost? In purgatory? Did she go to heaven and Vicki went to hell? Is Jeremy hallucinating the whole thing? Hmm…
Back in Chicago, Stefan confronts Gloria. She says she heard the girls talking about Stefan. When she threatens to tell Klaus, he (stupidly) tries to attack her. Putting him down with Bonnie’s favorite aneurysm mind trick, Gloria now has Stefan on his knees. After putting a paralysis spell on him, she creates a “voodoo” ceremony to extract the truth from Stefan. (My Thursday night TV buddy Elena and I both wonder how long it took to put out all those candles.) Let the next creepy torture sequence ensue.
Damon, Sheriff Forbes, and Mayor Lockwood get a nasty surprise back in Mystic Falls when Daddy comes strolling in to the Town Council meeting. I can’t really blame Damon for not listening when Daddy said all that stuff about training the mind because I didn’t really see this coming either. Apparently Daddy can’t be compelled.
Back at home, Jeremy and Bonnie go through spell books. She must love that her boyfriend loves research so much. Bonnie shares that she’s no longer the baddest witch in town: The 200 witches whose power she was borrowing got mad at her for bringing Jeremy back to life and took the extra power back. When Anna shows up warning Jeremy that Vicki and the “darkness” have arrived, all the spell books spontaneously catch fire. We all breathe a sigh of relief that Bonnie still has at least her own magic. She puts out the fire and it looks like, at last, one of Jeremy’s girlfriends has a fighting chance. While Bonnie cleans up the mess in Jeremy’s room, Anna calls Jeremy out on why he hasn’t told Bonnie about seeing ghosts. It’s because it’s a two way street. He’s open to seeing Anna, so he does. This truth makes Jeremy swiftly shut Anna out and immediately tell Bonnie the situation. Anna, devastated, cries out to him, but he can’t hear her anymore. Yikes.
Stefan is busy getting tortured by Gloria. She’s able to see all he’s hiding: fighting for Elena, how much he loves her, the dark times they’ve been through together, and the sacrifice. Bitch laughed when she found out Elena was the Doppelganger.
“This is creepy.” Katherine to the rescue! With a fabulous Katherine smirk, Gloria gets a stake in the neck. “It appears you need my help after all.” Stefan reveals to her that when he knew Klaus and Rebecca, they were running from someone. A hunter? Cool- we haven’t met one of those before (Alaric doesn’t really count). She wants in but Stefan tells her to find another partner in crime. You’d think he’d know by now to choose his words more wisely. Also, I don’t know about you, but Katherine’s the kind of BA I’d want on my side.
Caroline takes off from the Chili party when she sees Daddy there. Damon, I at least give him credit for this, goes to Alaric for backup about the Daddy issue. Elena tries to talk him out of it, but Damon states that “When I kill him [Caroline] will have one more parent than we do.” Sad. Unfortunately, Alaric steps up and Damon kills him temporarily. Now, I see how this is disrespectful to his “brother” but Alaric has his ring on and won’t actually die.
Caroline and Tyler start to hook up. I want them to make hybrid babies so bad! Ugh, Elena interrupts by calling Caroline to warn her about Damon. Yeah, I guess hearing that your Daddy’s about to be murdered by a Vampire kind of kills the mood. And when you’re about to hook up with Tyler Lockwood, it’s no surprise how pissed off Caroline is when she shows up to save Daddy and kick Damon’s ass. Damon and Caroline fight = Amazing.
Elena’s been served a lot of brutal truth lately. Maybe it’s time for Damon to be served the same. Once Caroline and Daddy leave, Elena tries to tell him off. Damon’s not having it. I think he knows that Elena’s feelings for him have changed and that means he can’t get away with what he used to. He needs to realize he either has to step up or step out. Yet, he’s dead on when telling her she needs to stop trying to turn him into Stefan.
Back in Chicago, Stefan creeps around the Original family coffins. As Rebecca sneaks up behind him, I’m surprised it took her this long to find him. A little suspicious he’s been gone that long, no? Stefan picks now to ask her about the hunter they’re afraid of- but it’s to no avail. She won’t tell him so he quickly tries to deflect. Reading his face closely, she asks him about Elena and the deal he made for Damon’s life. She says that Klaus would sacrifice anything for his family. I don’t believe that at all at this point. We’ll see. And then she kisses him, which kind of made me squirm. She asks him if he’ll ever love someone again like he loved “that girl.” His “maybe” isn’t convincing enough so when Klaus marches in announcing that Gloria has taken off, the looks on both their faces are very telling. Immediately Rebecca throws Stefan under the bus and tells Klaus that he was asking about the hunter “Michael” and that she can sense he’s not loyal to them. Klaus immediately believes her and attacks Stefan.
Down in Mystic Falls, Damon wakes up Alaric with an alcoholic peace offering. I love Alaric, so I’m worried when I hear his ring took longer than normal to kick in. Angry, Alaric storms out. Meanwhile, Caroline forces Elena to talk to her about Damon. Elena admits that IF she has feelings for him, she could never even let them in for fear of being a terrible person. Although I agree that would be a horrible thing to do to two brothers for a second time in their lives, Caroline’s right when she says her feelings only make her human. Caroline then walks away to tell Daddy goodbye. This can’t be the last time we see him. In the Mayor’s house, Alaric calls out Sheriff Forbes on her Vampire daughter and the Mayor on her Vampire son. He demands to be in the council despite not being from a founding family. Looks like there’s a new boss in town and this could get interesting.
At the Grill, Elena* asks Bonnie for her necklace back. Once she gives it to her, she tells her about Jeremy’s visions. Before she can get a response, Elena’s gone in the blink of an eye, which means that wasn’t Elena. That was Katherine. Didn’t see that coming at all! (Seriously, I didn’t.) What’s Katherine going to do with the necklace? With the info on Jeremy? First stop, Damon’s! Ah ha. She wants a partner in crime. Of course Damon accepts. What number is this on the bad decisions tracker?
Stefan wakes up next to Klaus in the back of the dead-family-U-Haul. Klaus isn’t mad… just curious. Rebecca apparently has borderline psychic, flawless instincts about how people truly feel. (Explains how she knows when people are lying or being deceitful. Also proves that Stefan once truly loved her. Stefan always acts like he doesn’t love Katherine anymore and yet he’s never been able to kill her – despite all the harm she’s done. Could Rebecca be the same? Food for thought.) Anyway, surprise: Klaus wants to know what Stefan is hiding so they are back in Mystic Falls. Uh Oh.
The preview scenes for tonight’s episode reveal a lot. I was not expecting Klaus to discover that Elena is still alive so quickly! And I really want to know what he’s going to do about it. It looks like he’ll try to make Stefan kill Elena himself. We all know that won’t happen, so what will? I’m assuming Damon and Katherine don’t make it far with the arrival of The Three. Maybe they will help Elena somehow. All I know is that a showdown is about to happen. I was not expecting it to happen randomly in episode 5. I wonder what will be this season’s Sacrifice equivalent?? Since we know it won’t be Klaus finding Elena, will it be a giant effort to kill Klaus?? What will keep him from getting to Elena for about 20 more episodes??


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