Revenge – Episode 1-6 Review – “Intrigue”

Thus far, Revenge has ridden on a wave of revenge plots, Emily getting back at people in satisfying ways. This week, however, the Emily revenging plot is stretched broadly and instead the episode focuses on the characters. Intriguing they are not.

The love triangle of Emily, Daniel, and Jack is bland at best, with Jack telling Emily what he feels before she turns him down. It puts some stitches into Emily’s plan, as she considers what she feels versus what she’s obligated to do, but there really aren’t any imminent consequences. Unless Emily somehow tells Jack about her plans, I don’t see how he could get too involved in the overall plot.

Then there’s Nolan, hanging around Emily and Jack as usual. The problem with his character is that we only see him in relation to Emily and Jack, not as a person doing his own thing.

Most bizarre is Tyler. I no clue what he’s up to, stemming from his initial lie to Daniel about Emily a few weeks back which was easily figured out. I would hazard a guess that he’s gay for Daniel based on the way he straddled him, but then what was the creepy head bashing thing into another lie to Amanda? Hopefully things come together eventually, because his character is just a whole bunch of randomness right now.

The worst character is easily Declan, whose incessant whining isn’t doing favors. It also doesn’t help that he’s a moron who’s fine poaching and destroying the livelihood of other non-rich people so he can have some extra money. Tip: ultra-rich girl doesn’t care about the difference between $0 and $200.

On the revenge front, Nolan sends the video to Conrad and creates the expected dissent. Frank is out, but he manages to get Amanda thinking about what role Conrad had in this. The audience knows Conrad receive the video from an anonymous source, but Amanda, based on prior experience, isn’t fully trusting.

Score: 8.0/10


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