Spoiler Warnings: Avengers Academy Status Quo Shake Up! Who Leaves? Who Joins? Where Does The Team Move?

Talk about an issue filled to the brim with things actually happening!

For starters, Speedball and Justice both leave the team as instructors. Speedball does so after realizing that he needed to go and be a part of the world again instead of finding ways to seal himself off. His time during Fear Itself was spent battling people who still wanted his head on a platter for Stanford (i.e. the people of Stanford), and then trying to stop Attuma when he sank Newfoundland. He watched people fighting to survive, working together, and it reminded him that the world is actually a really great place that he needs to get back into.

Justice resigns after talking to Veil and coming to realize that he’s never really done anything he’d wanted to do. He’d been a super hero for so long, and he’d done so many things because of it, but he’d never really followed up on his non-cape related dreams.

The two of them decide to go and see America, help people along the way, and just sort of figure themselves out. This time without video camera. Do I sense the first steps to a rebuilt New Warriors? Or are they just going to be Marvel’s answer to Hard Traveling Heroes a few decades too late?

Then you’ve got Veil who just wants nothing to do with the Avengers lifestyle anymore in the wake of Fear Itself and her having to kill super nazis. The team got an offer in the point one issue from another former Osborn kid to go work for him, make a lot of money, technically be evil, but to just do what they wanted to do. Veil only has about ten years left to live, and Pym is no closer to finding a real cure for her, so she decides to try the other route. See what is best for herself.

With the Infinite Mansion destroyed and the team in disaray, Hank Pym decides it’s for the best to relocate to the actual planet itself. So now we’re heading back to Palos Verdes, California. That’s right all you long time Avengers fans, they’re rehabbing the headquarters of the West Coast Avengers!

Oh, and as for new members? No longer is Avengers Academy solely for Osborn kids, now it’s open to any young superhuman that wants in.

The new class includes Initiative alumni Butterball and Batwing, Lyra: The Savage She-Hulk, the new White Tiger, the Kevin Masterson Thunderstrike (that Tom DeFalco introduced in a great mini earlier this year), Julie Power formerly of Power Pack and the Loners, and what looks like Juston Seyfert and his Sentinel from Sean McKeever’s Sentinel mini nearly a decade ago.

And this isn’t even counting that X-23 is scheduled to join up soon!

This book just keeps finding new ways to keep me hooked!

Oh, and Hank Pym professed his love to Tigra. They’d been together, but that made for a nice moment.

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