Once Upon A Time Spoilers: True Blood‘s Kristin Bauer van Straten Reveals All About Her Role As Maleficent

Once Upon a Time will feature Kristin Bauer van Straten as Maleficent on Sunday’s episode.

The actress recently compared her portrayal of Pam on True Blood to her role as a fairytale villainess.

“With Pam on True Blood — and maybe I’m just losing my mind — I’ve started to see that she’s the only one telling the truth. She has more integrity than most people in Bon Temps. You really start seeing the other side of the coin, which makes it fun to play. But yes, Maleficent and the Evil Queen are frenemies. This is a very longstanding relationship; they both have something that the other one wants and they have to be very crafty and clever in trying to get that thing. It’s a real chess game,” she said.

With regard to what she has that the Evil Queen wants, Bauer van Straten teased:

“I think of it like a clothing swap with little girls: One wants the silly pink sweater and one wants the red slippers, but you can’t just come out and say that. [Laughs] Each one of these women has made a scientific discovery that can help them get what they want, and now the other one has to try and figure out how to get it — under the guise of ‘having tea.'”

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Source: TVLine.com