The Vampire Diaries – Episode 3-7 Review – “Ghost World”

The first 5 episodes of this season were spent focusing on Stefan and Klaus, as their roles represented the major shift in story. The ghost plot hung in the background, never occupying much time and also never really going anywhere. And since Jeremy was the only one seeing ghosts, there wasn’t much involvement with other characters. With Matt having to get rid of Vicki last week and Klaus gone, the plot ramped up a lot and now it’s over seemingly before it began.

My problem with the episode is that people were missing and it was wrapped up too easily. Where was Tyler, especially since Mason was around? And why didn’t Jenna show up? It seems like the writers could have stretched this out at least another episode and added more. The tomb vampire ghosts attacking people was a threat for all of 10 minutes before the spell was done.

But if we treat this episode as a standalone episode without bigger implications, it was generally fine. Mason returning to haunt Damon was plenty of fun, and Lexi’s return was very satisfying. I thought the writers killing her off was a misstep, so seeing her again was great. The final scene hammered home the sense of loss everyone has experienced, as all the ghosts disappear and with them the dream of being with them once more.

Score: 8.6/10