What’s On JOE Mind: Episode 27 (G.I. Joe Podcast)

There is no rest for the weary WOJM crew and you can tell, Gary was cranky and moody. For the second time in less than a week they MAN UP and gather once more to review with you the latest from the Joe community. With Greg’s softball season ended successfully, we return to our “old” recording night to pick up the news of the week. As websites go, ARealAmericanHero.com is one we have kept our eyes on. From that we invited its admin Rich on to join in the second longest podcast we ever recorded – time flies when you are having fun. From the mailbag we get a letter from SwamiJay (aka Jeff) about our thoughts on how possibly Sigma 6 figures could be translated to the PoC line. In the news, the fellas sort out the answers from the latest round of the Hasbro Q&A and pick out the good, and not-so-good questions of the bunch to review. From the GIJCC, we go two more figure unveils during the week to bring the number of known subscription figures to 6. How did Grunt fare versus the Iron Klaw? What is next for the club and FSS? Find out! On the movie front, The Rock shows us more pictures but not much else as the movie nears the end of primary filming. To Greg’s chagrin, we started an impromptu discussion on Joe and Kre-O – of which moody Gary said it would fail miserably. The conversation was great, the banter sharp and the editing was sharp – gosh we love patting ourselves on the back (sometimes…only when we earn it).

Lastly, don’t forget to tune into Fwoosh.com on Friday Oct 28th to hear 3 of our mighty hosts reunite with our favorite Australian Guest Host Craig for a special anniversary edition of The Fwooshcast. Its a full episode, so put the kids to bed early, hide from the wife and make sure the MP3 player is fully charged – its the second ever 2 hour plus episode of WOJM!

Also, make sure you go back wand listen to the entire What’s on JOE Mind archive!

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