Grimm – Episode 1-1 Review – “Pilot”

Grimm is a procedural with supernatural elements, not a fantasy show with procedural elements. This distinction is actually pretty large, as the majority of the pilot is spent on stuff you’d see on numerous other procedurals through the week–CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, etc. And even then the procedural aspect of the show isn’t that strong, mainly generic strings of clues leading to the ending.

What sets the show apart from other is the fantasy elements that show up from time to time. They aren’t seamlessly molded into the show as they should be, but they’re there, if that counts for anything. The main character Nick is in the lineage of Grimms, who hunt down storybook characters like big bad wolves. It’s a concept that will get the writers lots of mileage within the procedural format. Beyond that, though, the show doesn’t have much else in terms of characters or writer.

Score: 8.2/10