Sanctuary – Episode 4-4 Review – “Resistance”

“Resistance” has a pretty cool plot, with a set of bad guys and Magnus battling them on her own, but that’s not what the audience will remember the episode for. What they’ll remember, of course, is Magnus’s kiss with Charlotte at the end of the episode.

I guess it actually makes sense given the theme of the show–a set of different people/beings who should be treated like everyone else–but it really caught me by surprise, and I’m not exactly sure whether the gender made a difference. Yes, television kisses are almost always heterosexual, so that’s one aspect of that. But there’s also the fact that Magnus has rarely, if ever, been shown in a sexual situation. She’s thrown errant pieces of dialogue about her love life, but I can’t remember the last time we actually got to see her with someone. So that’s another component to my surprise. I probably would have been surprised if she kissed a guy, and that she kissed a woman added to that.

Seeing as Kate is gone (for now) and Abbey is hunting abnormals for the FBI, I have a good feeling she’ll be working at the Sanctuary by the end of the season. I’m sure Will will be very happy about that.

Score: 8.7/10