The Amazing Race: Episode 19-6 Review – “Or, The Amazing Feel-Good Never Get Eliminated Race”

AGAIN? Come on, The Amazing Race. It’s bad enough that the tasks this season have been things like “set up these beach chairs” or “build a truck from milk cartons” – I mean, arts and crafts? Really? But there have been six legs so far this season and THREE of them have been non-eliminations! That’s half! Seriously, no one has gone home in legs one, four or six. Pathetic. Time to step it up, guys.

Malawi Madness

The teams all began on a level playing field this week as they all ended up on the same flight to Malawi. I don’t love these equalizers, but I was just happy to see the teams finally leave Asia for somewhere new. Once in Malawi, everyone had to head to a tobacco warehouse. That’s where the Roadblock was, which required one team member to transport ten bales of tobacco (weighing 200lbs apiece) through the warehouse using a little dolly. It was very chaotic in the warehouse, almost like a game of bumper cars.

Bill and Cathi had been last to leave the airport, but thanks to some nasty traffic Amani and Marcus were last to arrive at the Roadblock. No one struggled a lot with the Roadblock, but Bill’s farming skills came in handy and he made quick work of it.

The workers at the warehouse were so cheerful and fun, and tobacco makes up about 60% of Malawi’s national income (the other 40% comes from Madonna for that baby she stole), so I’m sure I couldn’t have been the only person thinking “Hmm, can you do anything else with tobacco besides smoke it?” I hate cigarettes but I don’t want everyone in Malawi to be out of work! Madonna can’t take them all home!

In Stitches

After heading to Memorial Tower to get their next clue, teams had to choose between “All Sewn Up” and “Not Grown Up” for the Detour.

In “All Sewn Up”, teams had to sew the seams on a pair of pants and suit jacket using an old-timey sewing machine. Personally, I thought that sounded difficult (I hate sewing, so I guess I’ll die and old spinster…) compared to “Not Grown Up”, which required teams to build toy trucks out of milk cartons for school children.

Ernie and Cindy, Bill and Cathi and Amani and Marcus all opted for sew. This made sense for Cathi, who was a skilled seamstress, but made less sense for Marcus, who said his mom and grandmother were skilled seamstresses…and he’d, like, watched them and stuff. Dude. I’ve watched my mom do lots of stuff, that doesn’t mean I learn the skill by osmosis.

Over at the school, Laurence was shocked to see that any team with a woman on it would have chosen to build a truck instead of sew. Seriously, could this guy be a bigger jerk? He even went so far as to tell Sandy that she couldn’t expect to marry if she doesn’t know how to sew! Laurence, dude! We don’t live in 1822!

Naturally, since this is the easiest season in the history of The Amazing Race, no one had any trouble at either of the Detours. Geez, the truck building was so easy/fun, Jennifer talked about how she couldn’t wait t build them with her special needs students back home.

Bedtime Stories

Finally, teams had to head to a furniture store where they’d be instructed to transport two wooden beds to the next pit stop. First they took trucks, and then had to carry the beds a short distance to the pit stop. Getting the trucks was mayhem, since everyone was there at the same time and trying to get through as fast as possible. Andy and Tommy managed to grab a truck before Jeremy and Sandy did, despite arriving a little later. Laurence and Zac didn’t read the clue well enough at first and tried to convince their cab driver to move the beds for them. Cindy had my favorite line of the night, saying “I’ve never felt less safe in my life than I do right now,” as she clung to the side of the truck. And adding insult to injury, Amani and Marcus’s truck broke down when they were already in last place.

Justin and Jennifer arrived at the pit stop first but they’d forgotten to pay their truck driver. Phil sent them back and that meant Andy and Tommy scored first place and a trip to a private island. Ouch. Bill and Cathi absolutely killed the bed carrying, but they too hadn’t settled up with their truck drivers. (Who are these drivers who just stand by silently as their customers walk away without paying?) As the farmers went back to settle their bill, Justin and Jennifer were checked in second. Jeremy and Sandy came third, followed by Laurence and Zac in fourth and Ernie and Cindy in fifth. I’m pretty sure the funniest moment of the whole episode was when Cindy managed to fall with the bed still on top of her.

We knew it was close, since Bill and Cathi passed Amani and Marcus as they returned to pay their driver. But they quickly passed them again, managing to check in at sixth place. Even though I like both teams, I was happy to see Bill and Cathi weren’t eliminated. You can’t help but root for them.

And then, of course, it happened. Phil told Amani and Marcus “You were the last team to arrive…” and then just started talking about other things. I almost had a fit. Yes, yes, it was a non-elimination round. Again. Look, I like Amani and Marcus. I’d much rather have them around for a few more weeks than some of the other teams, like that awful Laurence guy. But this is just ridiculous.

What did you guys think of the episode? Were you happy to see Amani and Marcus saved, or are you sick of all the non-elimination legs? Do you think we’ll see anymore before the season ends? Are you also rooting against Laurence now? Sound off in the comments!