The Walking Dead – Episode 2-3 Review – “Save the Last One”

I’m glad Carl is better, because this opening arc of the second season hasn’t exactly been exciting. Between Carl getting shot and Sophia still missing, the characters, with the exception of Shane, pretty much stayed in the same locations and talked to each other. Talk is fine, it never felt like the conversations were going anywhere. Luckily, “Save the Last One” is the strongest episode of the first three episodes.

The dialogue and actions in the episode are more specific than the “we’re screwed” dialogue of the first two episodes. Lori expresses a troubling sentiment that it would be better for Carl if he died. We know Carl won’t die, but Lori thinking these ideas is enough. Then, there’s the big reveal of how Otis died. Shane shoots him and leaves him for the zombies as decoy! Now that’s scary shit.

Score: 8.8/10