10 Thoughts On… Survivor South Pacific Episode 8 Review – “Worst Move Ever”

1. Cochran turning is unquestionably the worst move I have ever seen on Survivor. While I realize that there is an argument to be made for not wanting to go to the rocks in the case of a tie vote, there is absolutely no reason for him to join another alliance where he is in the minority. Upolu will pick Savaii off and then will take him out. The only way his move makes sense is if the inner core of Coach, Sophie and Albert promised him final four over Brandon, Rick and Edna. Otherwise it is a disaster.

2. While I was not a fan of the move Ozzy made last week, it worked. Things went down exactly as he thought and for that, he is to be respected.

3. I picked Albert to beat Ozzy in the immunity challenge. Then I realized, it’s Ozzy.

4. While I understand Cochran and Dawn wanting to abandon the tribe that they felt that they were never really a part of, they both have to understand that the time wasn’t right to do it now. They should have deadlocked the vote, hoped for the best with the rocks. If Savaii came out on top, then they are good and could wait a couple of rounds later to flip. If they came out on the bottom, then they could flip next week. At least Dawn realized the error of her ways.

5. I absolutely adore Whitney.

6. Edna is a very sharp player.

7. Jim’s logic was completely on point. When two Savaii members won immunity, Savaii had the advantage in a rock situation.

8. Cochran asking Sophie to protect him?!!! Did that really happen?! It actually made me uncomfortable to watch.

9. “You’re sleeping right between me and Edna.” –Coach to Cochran.

10. Coach is the best player this season. The only ones even close to him are Sophie and Albert.

Bonus thought: Can’t believe Savaii also lost the idol.

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