New Orleans Saints vs St Louis Rams: NFL Week 8 Thoughts

Saints 21 – Rams 31

Daniels says the NFL is fixed… sort of: “Most times, everyone believes the NFL isn’t fixed.  Then there’s a game like this where 93% of the money goes one way and the favored team not only loses, but doesn’t even show up in the stadium.  Then someone starts the rumor that the NFL needed to grab the headlines back from the Cardinals in St Louis because they can’t suffer to be second place in a town even for a week.  What’s that?  Nobody started that rumor?  Well, I just did.”

While Rhett Davis wonders if the awakened Rams might *gulp* compete in their division: “How about those Rams?  They come defeated into this game with absolutely no games that were really even close and they defeat the New Orleans Saints who only had two losses.  Many are trying to contribute that the St. Louis victory was just tying into the fact that the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series this past week.  Although that is true, I think it was more of a case of the Saints overlooking the Rams and it biting them where it hurts.  Steven Jackson had a HUGE day running for 160 yards and having 2 TDs.  Even with their main QB out of the game, the Rams still defeated the Saints.  In the third quarter, it was 24-0 and the Saints managed to outscore the Rams 21-7 in the remaining time.  However, it may have been too little, too late as the Rams defeat the Saints for their first win.  The Saints are now in turmoil will who will win their division as the Falcons could always lurk their ugly head.  The Rams have an easier schedule from here on out, but it’ll be difficult to overcome the 49ers who are on a roll.”

My Take: The Rams don’t have an easier schedule – they have the easiest schedule in football.  Still, unless the Niners collapse, they aren’t going to be caught, and the Niners schedule is easy enough to avoid outright collapse.  I think the Rams, in general, and Bradford in particular, are much better than they have shown, but let’s also not pretend the Saints never collapse like this.  They’re either in the elite or a step from, but they also fail to show up in big games from time to time, particularly on the road.  The Seahawks taught us that, if nothing else.  Since the Saints won’t have home field through the playoffs, this seems worrysome for their fans.

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